Friday, April 15, 2016


I must say, one of the strangest crowds we ever had at a Soulfly show was at the Running of the Bulls, in Pamplona, Spain!  We travel to Spain often, as they love their Max.  The fans are feisty as all heck, blacked out in Metal gear, singing and moshing like crazy!  It's always exciting at the shows and you can count on a great reception!

This particular run was different than all the others.  We first played in Madrid to a slightly smaller crowd than usual...."What's up," I wondered?  The quick reply was that everyone was traveling to Pamplona for the bull running weekend.  Bull running affects the Metal shows?  Whoa!  I was surprised for sure!

It just happened that this run was winding its way to Pamplona next, a city we don't play often.  I admit I had my doubts about the turn out for the show.  We did not arrive in time to watch the craziness, and instead, had to head straight to the club for load-in.

The fans started to line up, as the day got closer to the time for doors.  No, the Metal loving Spaniards did not let us down!  They came from the bulls and Ran for Their Metal!!  There, in all their their bull running white outfits!  We had to smile as this was something we would most likely not witness again!  A crowd dressed in all white with the red bandana and red belt, signifying their Great Adventure and bravery!  The entire pit shown from white and red!  These people had a major dose of energy from running the streets and basically chasing stampeding bulls through the ancient streets of Pamplona.  We were given the traditional red bandana, which is worn around your neck, and the red belt which accompanies it.  And yes, there were girls too!  Not for the faint hearted!!  You can't stop Metal!!!

Class dismissed........