Friday, April 22, 2016


There is slang attached to everything in the English language and the music business is no stranger to it! If you are looking to work on the road or at gigs (concerts), you don't want to come across as a "newbe!' Learn the dance!

NEWBE......this is a person on their first tour. Anything can happen to you!! Beware of pranks!!

BUS SURFING...This is when you try to walk on a bus that is driving frantically. You need to be careful when you bus surf.

GIG SHAGGING....not doing your job.

GIG BUTT......this is the painful chafing on your inner thigh from wearing wet gig clothes. Grab the powder!!

STAGE LEFT....When you stand on a stage, looking out at the crowd, this is the left side of the stage.

STAGE RIGHT....When standing on a stage and facing the crowd, this is the right side of the stage. Also, a Pink Panther slang!

CHUCKED OFF...getting irritated, heated up.

IN AND OUT BURGER.....THROW AND GO....this is when you arrive late for any number of reasons, and have to set the gear up quickly, do the show and tear it down and leave asap.

BUS LUNG.... We don't know the reason for this, but it's a cough developed after traveling on a bus for a extensive time. We say it's from exhaust but who really knows? It also collects on styrofoam cups, and leaves a thin black, powdery dust.

LOAD IN, LOAD OUT....this is taking the gear in, to make the show and loading it out after the show.

GET THE GAS....get the "good stuff.

OIL SPOTTED....this is when the bus drives off and leaves you at a truck stop.

NO 'DRO, NO SHOW....I think you can figure this out, even though it's a bit of a joke.

BUNK RAPE....this is an old school tradition, not active much any more. It's when everyone piles in the newbe's bunk and momentarily tortures him.

BURNASIUM....the van or trailer that people go to smoke in.

BAG IT....when you have to go "number 2" in a bag. I have heard that if you dump a bit of Gator Ade in the bag first, it vaporizes the smell..

NUMBER 2....take a dump, poo, or something of the sort.

DUMP AND FLUSH....this is when you go number 2 and flush often, so the smell doesn't get a chance to travel. This was patented by Greg Hall of Sacred Reich on a cold winter night in the '80's.

REMOTE CONTROL HIGHJACK.....This is when the same person takes the TV remote all the time and forces everyone to watch the same channel all day...such as Kendog and his hockey channel!

A BUY-ON BAND...This is when a band pays money to get on a tour.

SMELLS LIKE POT ROAST.....This is how a bus smells after a couple weeks on it..

DIVA....the dude who always wants round bread.

ATM...The assistant tour manager.

This is enough to get started with, so you don't look too green on your first run. Just hang tough, watch your shizzle and whatever you do, take your cell phone when you get off the bus...nothing worse than getting oil spotted on tour and not having your phone...

Class dismissed......