Friday, December 11, 2015


Next week, on my Father's (RIP) birthday, our son, Richie, will tie the knot with his squeeze, Shonda Mackey! Not only will we be gaining a daughter from another Mother, but the Tribe will have a new Mrs. Cavalera in our tight circle.

I met Shonda when Richie introduced her to us some time ago. When he told us she was a fetish model, I admit, I raised an eyebrow! We never had a clue that she would be marrying him one day. We could see from the start that she was very much in love with Richie. She is a hard worker and a beautiful person, inside and out. She has proven herself to be loyal, and protective of us all. In our family, privacy is very important and treasured. It is also rare. Shonda slid right in with us and has never let us down. We have seen her evolve into a serious model, part time actress and now, a wife to or son.

Poster ad from the boulevard in Huntington Beach
When Thomas Mignone was looking for a Medusa who would allow a snake to slither on her body, Shonda donned her body suit and made friends with the serpent. Voila! Snakes of Jehovah gave us the smack down! Thomas said he had never shot anyone the camera loved more!

Mr. and Mrs. Richie Cavalera and son, Sawyer

Richie and Sawyer
So next week, Tribe, let us welcome another woman in the family tree of ancestry of the Cavalera family... Mrs. Richie Cavalera!!! You know how we do it!

Class dismissed......