Thursday, December 24, 2015


With all the hoopla regarding the cancellation of Soundwave, I thought I would brighten things up a bit and also clarify....contrary to reports, Killer Be Killed is not owed moola from their performance last year and we WERE paid amazingly fast. I have heard this isn't the case with many other acts, but I like to keep my nose to myself and cannot comment on other band's business. Max and I absolutely love the Australian music scene, having gone there since the wild days of the early 1990's. The vivacious fans, the fervor of Metal in the veins of the bush lands, it all adds up to a great experience!


Mikey and Max
From Soundwave, to Sidewaves, to Big Day Out, to Gigantour, to headline shows, i have planned many tours across the Land Down Under. Sepultura was quite famous for a riot in Perth, permanently causing the total destruction and closure of a venue! Ah, yes, the lovable Aussies. They are maniacs for merch; they are loyal to bands and actually BUY cds, and they patiently wait in line at in stores to meet their musical heroes-always buying a cd to get signed and never pulling the Whine out of their mouth! A band's dream! My next dream is to roll across the country with my Maximum Cavalera Tour! One day, hopefully in 2016!

Igor and Christina

Me, Igor, and Max

Max and Zyon
Once, we took 23 people with us--band, crew, children, nanny, friends, boyfriends and girlfriends all in tow! We dined on alligator cooked by yours truly and blew the crap out of digiridos, all for fun! One night, we were awaken by Mary Poppins ,er Joey Nugent, our son's nanny, saying that Zyon had slept walked out of the hotel room and was nowhere to be found! Running to the lobby, the smiling receptionist pointed to the bar and behold... Zyon was walking in circles slapping the dead finger as he prowled, unknowingly! Thank God he never wandered out of the hotel!

Roy, Max, Squasha, and Me

Paul, Andrew, Igor and Me
Besides friends who are/were promoters, AJ, Squasha, Gavin, Adrian Bohm and others through our 20+ years of tours, our dearest buds are the famous twins, Paul and Andrew Haug. They were 15 years old when we met them and they have grown with us, as our children have grown up with them! Many visits to the Melbourne Zoo were made into memories because of their friendship. We have known each other through happy times and the worst of times. They have never lost their humor or their youth! Some of you may know them from their band, Contrive!

One of the worst experiences happened to Incite! They were in their infancy when we toured there and they weren't very experienced at the time, when misfortune became their shadow! I checked everyone in for the flight to the US and as you can imagine, we were all looking forward to being home! As we approached the passport checkpoint, Luis Marrufo, the bass player reached for his passport, only to find that some slight of hand pickpocketer had swiped it from his jacket!! You can imagine his shock and my pissed-off-ness when we both realized we would have to leave him on the Big Island until he got a replacement passport! That was not a good thing!

One thing you can always be assured of is the fact that we will always return! Morfing from one band to another, bringing a son or daughter or several, we cannot resist the lure of the succulent Harry's pies, the curves of the Opera House, the changing lights of the bridge and the bungi jump on the Gold Coast! The screams of the fans and the poofy-ness of the koala bears will beckon us back, many, many years to come!

Class dismissed......