Friday, July 3, 2015


While going through my old files, some Nailbomb photos fell out, onto the desk. I thought I would share these rarities with you. We have the entire process of Nailbomb on videotapes, stashed far back in the archives. Dana was given the job to take photos and video the entire madness of creation. There were rugged times when he wanted to stop but he kept on and thank goodness he did!

Max and Alex
Half the time, well, most of the time, in the studio, Max was flying high on some good Bacardi. Thats how we all got the "Feels Good to Be a Punk Loser" out of him! Alex was a pro, working some riffs till it drove us all insane!! He knew his shizzle!

Max singing

Alex at the board
We started Nailbomb in the nanny's bedroom in the Corrine house and moved onto Bloomfield. Thats where the fence was painted, after the studio work was wrapped. I tried to save the fence, but a huge storm came one day when we were on tour and it exploded into history as a memory only!

One day, I will load the videos.....and you can see The Sum Of Their Achievements....

Class dismissed....