Thursday, July 9, 2015


Once the Chaos AD album was released, the Sepultura world erupted with concerts, interviews, video shoots and fan fervor. A couple days before the release of a record, fans would camp outside the record stores. It was a time of excitement. I admit I miss the zeal of the '90's Metalheads, who supported and encouraged artists, rather than the struggle musicians have now, to sell music. Every band is in the same boat today, trying to make records, knowing the costs are rarely recouped. You now have the sterile sound of computers and in-home recordings, instead of the rich sound of analog. You have bands that are only bands on the computer screen and pay to play. This has harmed the growth of new music. Money can buy you a spot, where talent was once required.

Max and Paulo

Iggor's kit

With the release of Chaos Ad, we went to Brazil and made the Refuse, Resist video. The next single, Slave New World, was filmed at a condemned resort of sorts, in California. The night before, we finished a US club tour and played the famous Warfield in San Francisco. Good times were about to swell and the beginning of the end walked hand in hand. We could feel it coming, but couldn't fully believe it. Max and I knew there was a dark shadow, thinly veiled by the horizon. We chose not to give it reality and to stay on our path.

Andreas and Richie

Dressing room sign

Day sheet

Enjoy the pics.......they were great times!

Class dismissed.....