Friday, February 13, 2015


When Max was 11-12 years of age, he desired to know what the bands he was beginning to listen to, were singing about. He got a red dictionary called Barsa and began translating songs, word by word. This was also how he eventually learned English. He discovered he had a good memory for learning languages, at this young time of his life.

He evolved through Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, ACDC and many others. When he was 13, he discovered Motorhead and translated DANCING ON YOUR GRAVE, from the album Another Perfect Day. The word Sepultura caught caught his eye, and he immediately chose the word to be his first band's name. The name came before Max even had a band, or band members.

One night, Max and Iggor went with some friends to see Dorsal Atlantica, the first thrash show Max had ever been to. On the way back from the show, riding on a bus, Max looked at Iggor and said, "those guys are Brazilian and playing Metal. We can too!" They had already been listening to heavier music like Venom and Slayer, and Metal was seeping into their blood. Max knew Iggor could be the drummer because he had always been interested in drums, so he asked Iggor to be the drummer.

Max went home and began learning guitar on his Dad's acoustic guitar. Iggor was using pots and land from their Mother's kitchen. The first song they learned was Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell. They asked a friend, Rob Haffan, to play bass because they knew he had a bass and they could practice in his garage. His Dad was a Canadian priest and he would call Max and Iggor The Dirty Yellow Heads. They then asked Wagner, anther friend, to sing.

Max in front of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Sepultura Display
Max bought a spiral notebook and began to write his first lyrics, which were in Portuguese. Song titles were Friday the 13th, The Graveyard, Eating Rats, Bleeding Like a Pig and Antichrist. Antichrist was the only song that survived and was recorded on the Bestial Devastation EP, released eventually by Cogumelo Records. You know the rest of the story!!

One day, to my surprise, Vania, Max's Mom mailed him the spiral notebook, which was long forgotten. It arrived in a package with the license plate from Max's Dad's Italian consulate car. Thank God she knew to save it!! Max showed me the drawing he made with the first time he ever wrote the name Seputura next to it. I put it away for our son's.

A couple years ago, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame contacted me to send them something from Max and Iggor's time with Sepultura. I knew it had to be the notebook! I also sent them Iggor's drum gloves and then they asked for a guitar of Max's. The stinker broke most all of his guitars on stage in a wild fury, but a few remained. I sent a beautiful red BC Rich. I did not send the famous white Warlock BC Rich because I knew one day it would go to our son, Igor. The red guitar is stored at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's archives for future display along with the drum gloves....but the notebook?? You can see it in its glory in the Bang Your Head display case! Check it out sometime......

Class dismissed......