Friday, February 27, 2015


I would like to dedicate this class to our son, Richie...

Richie and Dana fishing, (1995)
Since Rob Halford gave the Kiss of Metal to a newborn Richie Cavalera, Richie has had only one be vocalist in a Metal band...straight up, no detours! If I had known earlier, what I know today, Richie would have started a band in his early teens, but I was still forging my way through the death of Dana and the absence our our beloved Sepultura in our lives. I was trying to hold myself together, carry Max up from despair and keep our family strong through wicked odds that were against us. I was also in the midst of solving a murder...but that is another story..

Richie as Al Jorgensen, (1993)
Richie had made his appearance on the cover of Atrophy's Violent By Nature, at the age of 4. He next popped up, shredding some feedback on Nailbomb's Point Blank recording and then again, he poured his heart out on Ozzfest with Soulfly, singing Fred Durst's verse on the track, Bleed. He was always full of energy , creative instinct and never afraid to hit the stage.

Atrophy and Richie photobombing

Greg Hall and Richie

Richie in jam pad practicing for Nailbomb

Richie singing Bleed with Soulfly in 1998

Once he presented Incite to me, I knew he was on his path. I absolutely loved every song they cranked out and began developing their stage performance on tours by adding them as the opener. The road life is something you need to prune, to cast off the dead leaves and work yourself into the best performer you can be. The problem with developing new bands is that many young bands want success to be delivered at your door, all bundled up neatly, but that isn't the way the biz must pay your dues.

The lack of patience, the life on the road and thirst for overnight success usually weeds out the musicians that really should not be in the business. For this reason, the early Incite had flexible stability. Throughout the label years, one person stayed by Richie's side, even leaving to have a baby, but never truly leaving...Dis McAllister. The man behind the groovy riffs that explode suddenly in a wrath of mosh-sweat! This, combined with Richie at the helm, made Incite a serious force to lay down their road in the Highway of Metal through history.

INCITE lineup 2007-2012 (Photo credit Glen La Ferman)
The band has always had a huge amount of energy and positive faith. This enabled them to take surprises, like lineup changes, with stride , and look at it as polishing the band, fine-tuning it. One tour, Incite even drove in a Toyota 4 door sedan, after trouble arose with their travel arrangements!! And don't forget, little Spanky was there too...But back to the lesson..

I will tell you now...

IScream was the label for The Slaughter, the brilliant debut of the band. Unfortunately, the label was in a crisis, unknown to us, and soon the band was free to move on. All Out War came out on a new, rising label, MinusHead Records, which was imbedded in the San Francisco music scene, and headed by the master, Brad Hardie.

Brad had a strong belief in the band, and released All Out War to critical acclaim! The label was spawning its life at the same time as Incite, and they both grew together. It was fantastic working with someone who loved the band and was so full of energy and support for the project. Brad wasn't afraid of taking a chance on a young band and the newest release, Up In Hell, has proven to break all boundaries, for the label.

INCITE 2014 (Photo credit Glen La Ferman)
Now, with a solid line up and a real label, the band is poised to contribute to the halls of Metal!! Determination, youth and real life issues are the message of Incite, so get your pit shoes on and prepare to Incite to the highest level!! It's how we survive, Up In Hell!!!!

Class dismissed...