Friday, October 10, 2014


On the Primitive album, Max was very experimental. What other cd in the world has Tom Araya, Corey Taylor, Chino Moreno, a hip hop band (Cutthroat Logik), screeching Grady Avenoll, and Sean Lennon...and a gospel singer? It was electric at the Salt Mine Studio!

We met Sean Lennon on an airplane, flying to concerts in Australia, called Big Day Out. He was writing in a journal and drawing sketches. I was writing in mine and wondering why I had never sketched... He was instantly bonded with Max, talking about music, family, the tour. Sean bought Zyon, who was quite young at the time, a stuffed platypus.

We hung out backstage and Max and Sean built a friendship. When Max asked him to collaborate on Primitive, it was natural. I was the one who was freaked out..Sean wanted to stay in our home!
I called him and fished around, asking what he liked to eat. When he replied hotdogs, I was super relieved!! A real person!!! I was nervous I would not be able to host him in the manner I thought he was used to. I was very wrong!

Sean and Max

Sean was one of the coolest human beings to grace our home. He was simple, graceful, polite and artistic. He was one of the family in 5 minutes. He has this slight of hand twist to the fuss ball game that I have never seen replicated. Zyon is about the closest imitator of this slapshot, since he was eye level with the table when Sean was at our Bloomfield home.

We all cruised to our mountain house, where Max and Sean wrote Son Song, in the tiny studio. 6 acres of serenity....

Back at our home, Sean took a nap in our room. When he got up, he saw where Dana, Christina, Max and me had written on a piece of the wall. I was a bit buzzed and lecturing one night after a Helmet show and said blah, blah. blah,...... "We are what we are..." Dana egged me to write it on the wall and I figured what the hell... Christina signed it later and then Max. Now, Sean Lennon was asking me if he could sign it...what the heck could I say? All I could think was "Dana would be trippin...."

Class dismissed....