Friday, October 24, 2014


With his 4 trax in hand, Max went into a home studio in north Phoenix to record a demo. He had some ideas for a song about Al Qaeda, and wanted Danny Marianino from The Northside Kings to knock it out of the park with him. Rather than fly in Bobby Burns, Danny suggested using Tom Reardon, the NSK's bass player. Joe Nunez came into Phoenix, though.

Al Qaeda

First thing first, work on the song......... The guys met at the jam pad and I will tell you, the song was a riot to work on! Everyone was laughing their butts off at Danny, who has a gilded sense of humor! We met him during the recording of the acclaimed Nailbomb release, Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide.. He is the funny New Jersey dude Max played a phone prank on, on the track, While You Sleep, I Destroy Your World. Little Igor also was glued to this recording process and accompanied Max every step of the way. Must have been secretly filing this knowledge away for use in his Moldbreaker and Lody Kong ways....

Joe and Max outside jam pad


Max and Danny

Danny and Tom

Villain Studios with Byron Filson at the pro tool's ground zero, was the next stop. Byron is super busy and it is difficult to book time because he has none, but this time we were lucky! His studio is also only a mile or so from our Phoenix home, and this made it super convenient! We filled up the Suburban and cruised over. I left a big pot of my Famous Chile simmering on the stove at our home...a fave of Danny's...

Recording was smooth as Asha Rabouin's voice on Tree of Pain! Our friends, crew and family all marched into pre-production...our Tribe must always be near!! Mark Pringle, formerly in Errata X, was in town visiting from his home in Scotland, so Max threw him on the track too. He sings in the chorus with Max and Danny. We all played Wild Animalonopoly with Igor...

Leo and Joe setting drums up


Max recording

Danny recording

Mark Pringle

Igor playing Monopoly

Fatty plays Monopoly too..

After the guys were done and Max satisfied with the process, we went to our home and I surprised Danny with my Magical Chile fest.....time for fun!!! We all knew what was next....tracking at the Salt Mine Studio...but for now, Danny still had us cracking up....those damn tales...

Class dismissed....