Friday, August 8, 2014


At the beginning of 2005, Max ad I travelled to Moscow to record with the Russian artist, Paul Filippenko, of the band FAQ. I was on a rough ride as it was only a few weeks after our family lost little Moses. Dark Ages was in incubation and there was no stopping the process. We went to Belgrade, Serbia to spend Christmas and from there travelled to Moscow.

Russian street

Red Square with Kremlin in the background. That's me taking a picture of Max,  taking a picture of me. 
I know Russia has a dark wrap right now, but all things are really made of 2 sides, right? My history goes back to the Revolution and I have always had a feeling of comfort being around the Russian/Serb culture, growing up raised in the fashion of the strict traditions of my Mother. Max has accompanied me on my search for my roots and he decided it was time to bring the flavor of Russia into his music.

Max in front of St. Basil's Cathedral

Red Square
We have known Paul and Zhanna Filippenko for many years and I credit her with developing the Russian Tribe following and bringing their love of Max to the table. She was our promoter in the early days of Soulfly and our deep friendship has only gotten stronger through the years. They even took us to our first opera, THE TSAR'S BRIDE. It was actually killer to watch and the art of opera is now something Max and I have a smidgen of!

Max and Paul went in the local studio and knocked out the track in one afternoon. They even used a Russian balalaika in the song! The sing was a bit of a controversy as it referred tp old lyrics about politics. They wee wondering if it could ever be played live, but it has swept in the Russian Metalhead's ears more than once now. Sometimes the past just has to be accepted!

Max and Paul creating

A bit of sightseeing was next...we even went into Lenin's tomb in the Red Square! Jet lag and work came over us like a flu and we crashed at our favorite hotel, Hotel Ukraine. It is one of 7 giant Ghostbuster's type buildings that Stalin built on the 7 hills of Moscow. Each building rises like the beanstalk, up to the clouds! They are now universities, government buildings and a hotel.

Lenin's tomb

Hotel Ukraine
When Max returned home, he invited Billy Milano of SOD to also lend his throat to the track. Billy couldn't travel because he was so busy, and sang into the phone! It really turned out great!

Students, there are many faces of our you see, some Molotov's don't destroy or break limbs...they shoot out from the deep growl that sparks out of Max!!

Class dismissed...