Friday, August 15, 2014


When you give birth to a child, you never ever dream of burying them. You only see the dreams you have for them. You see that little innocent face and only see hope and the future. When the Grim Reaper takes them from you without warning, the empty void is never filled in again. Years pass and life becomes livable but that shock never truly leaves.

Dana, 11 years old

Dana with Sepultura

Dana with gas station dude in Brasil

Dana and me partying with Faith No More!
Dana's death was compounded by the fact that a code of silence wrapped it like a blanket. This silenced many....but not everyone. In the dark of night, I received visitors that told me the truth, the betrayal of 'friends' and the lies that were spun. It took 4 years to learn the whole truth. It even took a visit to a gang members home....yes, I did it all. When the truth was laid bare, the authorities started their own cover up, protecting their own and letting murderers walk fee.

Dana predicted his own death caused by an 'accident.' He wrote of it in his journal, his view of his future was grim, at the least! He made a will in case of an early death and included it in his writings. Such thoughts swirling in the head of a 20 year old, should not exist!

Dana at the Louvre
Yes there are many mysteries but today, all the puzzle pieces fit now. The truth will be told and the responsible will be held accountable on Earth and beyond!

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And in the meantime, join us to celebrate Dana's life! He is another Metalhead branded at the time of death by the detective on duty that fateful night. The DAs office can hide what they will but the truth will one day be laid bare and all will see clearly.

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