Friday, January 10, 2014


         In 1995, after recording the Roots record in Malibu, Max and I travelled to the Big Apple, New York City, to attend mix.  With the master, Andy Wallace, at the controls, things were smooth as silk.  We towed along Zyon, Igor and Roxanne to complete our little family circle.

  Every day Max would go to the studio and I would go hang out with him, too.  Listening to the songs absorb the final touches was amazing and calming.  We knew the soup was almost cooked to perfection!

Roxanne and Max
               Our favorite NYC hotel for many years was the Paramount on 42nd Street, right off Time's Square.  We stayed there so often, the entire staff knew our family and watched the kids grow up.  Zyon learned to write his name in the Paramount.  Unfortunately, his tablet was the pale green leather chair in our room and his crayon was a permanent marker.  The darling maid came in one day and switched the chair with one in a vacant room and helped me solve my problem.

                       The hotel's location offered many activities and the time off was spent romping through the Square, going to the Met, Central Park, shopping and eating at the Firebird, one of the Russian restaurants nearby.

NYC Paramount Hotel
The rooms were famous for the large tapestry on the wall behind the bed.  Even though the room was as big as a shoebox, we all crammed in and had fun 24/7.  There was action all through the day…cabs honking and people coming and going.  Why, one day, Vice President Al Gore stopped at the hotel restaurant right when Zyon and I happened to be walking up!  The Secret Service stopped everyone but for some reason let a green-haired Mama and her long haired son walk right up and look in the limo!

No cell phones or internet at the time, so I was often glued to the tiny table next to the bed while all hell was breaking loose next to me!  All part of this Mom-ager's day!!!  The record turned out killer…but we all know that…and the chaos that was gearing up for 1996 was not even in our dreams.

Busy Working

Busy raising HELL!

Nice tatts dude...

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