Friday, January 31, 2014


During the Arise tour, I planned many tours for my baby band, Sepultura.  They had come off a tour with Faith or Fear that was not successful and I had my work cut out for me.  The US market did not show up for the tour and the band returned to Brazil to write the next record.  I visited them during practice and also returned to Morrissound to check out recording.  I could tell they were onto something solid and began calling promoters I had worked with on Sacred Reich tours and assuring them I would make a real package that would draw.  I then gave birth to the SOS Tour, Sepultura, Obituary and Sadus.  The tour was a huge success and I mapped out my plans.
We spent 18 months on the road, visiting many countries and even squeezing in exotic locations such as Indonesia and Japan!  Although I won't say whom, I received a letter from the label saying I was hurting the band by touring so much and they needed to take a break and get another record out.  I promptly filed the letter in my ASSHOLE FILE and kept booking shows.  The fantastic New Titans on the Bloc Tour was created during this period also.  Every tour was a huge success and the band as you know, later went on to create the most successful record of their career, Chaos AD, but that is another story, Students...
Max selfie in Greece

The label loved the Arise record and spent a nice sum of money flying us to Greece with Brazilian photographer, Rui Mendes.  We were amazed at the Acropolis, the city in general, and of course, the ouzo!!  We spent the day on location, laughing our asses off, gazing at transformed marble and the final product was killer!!


Towards the end of the Arise tour, we played in Mexico City to an insane frenzy of fans!  We checked our gear, luggage and backdrop under the plane and flew to our respective destinations.  It was the last we saw of the beautiful piece of art that had escorted us to the ends of the Earth.  I like to think it is hiding in some rich dude's museum, draped over the lost, stolen skull of Pancho Villa!!
Pancho Villa

Class dismissed....