Friday, October 18, 2013


Every year at Christmas, Motorhead would put on festivals in Germany for the fans to rage at. Normally at this time, there were very few shows going on, so the Christmas shows were packed with kids. Done with Christmas and looking for action, this was the place to go!

Rainer Haensel was the promoter of these shows. He was super cool and always wore this badass jean jacket given to him by Leslie West of the band, Mountain. His production manager was named Schlanky; you could go to him for anything and he would sort you out. Shizzle was organized!! These two G's had it together!
Rainer Haensel and Schlanky
There was a lot of camaraderie among the crew and all the bands on the tour....Motorhead, Kreator, Sepultura, Morbid Angel and others. Every day was one big party!

Silvio Golfetti was Andreas Kisser's replacement, when Andreas broke his arm in a jet ski accident in Brazil, shortly before the tour was to begin. He was in the band, Korzus, from Sao Paulo, Brazil. HE even looked similar to Andreas and could shred like a maniac!

Max and Iggor met Korzus in Sap Paulo in 1983. They went to the band practice, where Korzus serenaded them with a bunch of Slayer covers. It was very impressive and they played just like the originals. A month later, they heard Zema, the drummer hung himself and committed suicide. It was shocking! Korzus went on to record a compilation called SP Metal. Korzus is still a band today and opened for Soulfly recently in Brazil.

Horns Up to Motorhead!! We all love Lemmy and Co. The world of Metal wouldn't be the same without them!!
Class dismissed.....