Friday, October 11, 2013


In the early 1990's just a short time before I had Sepultura booked to play on the Motorhead Christmas festivals in Germany, Andreas Kisser, guitarist of Sepultura, had a most unfortunate accident. He was having an extreme bit of fun when he decided to head into the dark waters off the coast of Brazil, on a galloping jet ski. As luck would have it, his jet ski got plowed by a wave and the jet ski crashed onto his arm, snapping it in half!!

It was no small miracle that Andreas was able to maneuver his way near enough to shore, to attract attention and help!! He did though, and that was his first case of good luck.

His next dose was being taken to a hospital that had one of the finest doctors for treatment of broken limbs. He had just graduated from the School of Inspector Gadget, in Venice, Italy. In no time at all, Dr. constructed an erector set in Andreas' arm that would align and heal the bone so it would be strong and straight, once healed.

The only bad misfortune was Andreas' arm was so sore and swollen, he was unable to play the Motorhead dates. We enlisted our friend Silvio, guitarist of Korsus, and continued the Sepultura domination. Andreas healed quickly and before you knew it, he was back on the road, raging on stage with his very Metal arm solidifier!!
Me and Phil Campbell of Motorhead

Silvio from Korzus

Class dismissed....