Thursday, September 19, 2013


Mexico City has always had Max fever. First, the Sepultura thirst, then Soulfly, and lately, Cavalera Conspiracy.....I accompanied all 3 bands there. To give you an idea of the depth of the fever, one time when we got off the plane in Mexico City, a man came up and said he named his son, Dana! That's deep, Students..

In the early 1990's I booked the Seps in Mexico City and also arranged a meet and greet the day before. The meet was in a sort of flea market, bazaar area that had several small shops. 4 hours later, 4000 fans signed and many bottles of tequila later, we passed out at the hotel. It was the biggest instore signing session I ever did with a band!
A Star struck fan lol

Me with Carlos (Promoter)
The promoter did a great job! If I remember correctly, his name was Carlos. The show was in the wrestling arena in Mexico City, and it was stuffed with the wildest Metalheads you can imagine! It was a wild show from the first riff to the last stage dive. Max was out in full force! In his upcoming autobiography, (collaborating with Joel McIver) you can see a photo I took from the stage of Max launching in the crowd!
Max's tech Goody working away!

Of course, such a killer show was commemorated backstage. This lead to a shake-up of the dressing room. Right before The Point Of No Return, we all scattered to parts unknown. Max and I ended up in a tiny local canteen, hanging with the "regulars." The only problem was...we weren't the normal type of regulars!
Destroying the dressing room...
One shot lead to another--did I really drink a shot Max had spit back in the glass??--and before I knew it, Max was wearing the damn devil mask someone gave him in the dressing room. This did not sit well with the Catholic hearts of the neighborhood. I heard the name FEDERALIES at the same time a Good Samaritan leaned in my ear and whispered "Better get out!" Before the night turned into Dusk Till Dawn, we escaped with our laughter and lived to tell about it!!

Pass me the salt and lime now....
Class dismissed....