Friday, September 6, 2013


It must have been 1991 or early 1992...a few months before I got pregnant with our little Z, when Max and I went to the Metal convention, Foundation's Forum. Damn that was the most fun convention on earth...too many parties, rock stars and whacked goins-on spilling onto the streets! It was so delirious, Max checked into the hotel under the name Michael Jackson, to avoid the many fan's phone calls to our room. We were in the "We are sneaking around together but ready to spill the beans any day" time of our lives.
Max, Me, and the kids
One of the nights, we taxied into a venue to see the highlight of the convention..a show with Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden and I think the final band was a brand new Pearl Jam. We were raging when I noticed MooseMan from IceT's band, Bodycount, walk in the backdoor. I left Max and flew over to him...I had a mission!
I knew Max's brother Iggor loved Bodycount and when I spotted this badass beenie on Mooseman's head, I had to have it!!! I didn't know MooseMan, but I knew the aura that followed him. Cop Killer was out and one of the most controversial songs anywhere! Max couldn't believe I was practically mowing this dude over, who I didn't even know!

I don't know what he thought of the green haired, tatted lady running up, but he didn't flinch. "Can I have your beenie?" He definitely raised his eyebrows at that, and a very pretty little girl came to thug me up!! "I don't want your man; I want his beenie!" I explained that my friend loved Bodycount and I would get serious points if I could just hand over that beenie to him. MooseMan was too cool....he smiled when I asked what the big deal was. He whispered "I am having a bad hair day!!" I laughed and said "no way, brother, you can't have that! You are in Bodycount!! That shizzle just doesn't apply!" He took off the beenie and handed it over saying "Twenty bucks..I gotta get something." That was all cool with me! I had a frikken Bodycount beenie!!!

Max and climbed in a cab back to the hotel. I tried to bribe the driver with $50 so he would take us on a tour of South Central. He tried to kick us 2 wasted fools out but of course, we were glued in and not going anywhere.

Some months later, on the MInistry tour, we ran into Bodycount again. Helmet had to sit out a couple shows and were replaced by IceT's band of brothers and we got the chance to be friends. We were one crazed posse!!!
Bodycount and Sepultura
Class dismissed...