Friday, April 12, 2013

The Coolest Breakfast I Ever Had!

Ever have a meal that was so special you couldn't forget it?  Someone you sharedit with....some exotic location....something fabulous?  I did and I will not forget it ever!      In the mid 90's, Sepultura got confirmed on large, outdoor concerts in Brazil called Hollywood Rocks.  The headliner was Robert Plant, and other acts on the shows were Aerosmith, Whitney Houston, Poison and Ugly Kid Joe.  It was a killer show and all the bands had a blast playing and chilling together.  We traveled to a couple cities in Brazil for the concerts.
       One morning, waking up in Rio de Janeiro at the famous Rio Palace Hotel on Copacabana Beach, Max and I wanted to go out for an early breakfast.  Zyon was with us, but hanging with the family, so we thought we would have some quiet time together before the interviews and later, the show would take over.       We walked to the breakfast area and Max noticed a small, wrap-around balcony that overlooked the beach.  I didn't think they would serve us there, but the minute Max asked, the waiters set up a table for 2.  It was so romantic on that balcony; I felt like a princess.  Max got up to go speak to the waiter and as he did, another table was set next to us.  A silver haired gentleman sat down.  I could see he was eye-balling me, with my green hair and tatts.  He soon introduced himself as Ronald Biggs, aka the Great Train Robber!!  I was shocked!  He was meeting with someone regarding his book that was soon coming out.  I admit, he got flirty and I was happy when Max returned.  He couldn't believe it when I introduced him to Ronnie.
Girl, Myself, Ronnie Biggs, Max, and a Friend
 A couple minutes later, another table was brought out and down sat Robert Plant and Steven Tyler!  This was getting heavy and Max and I were really in some wicked company!  Another table soon appeared and who next?  Why, the tiny, gorgeously beautiful Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown!  This was getting serious!

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown

I couldn't resist...I got up and walked to Whitney's table and said "I know you are Whitney Houston, but are you Bobby Brown?"  They both laughed and Bobby said "yeah, I'm Bobby."  I said "Wow, here I am being annoying like some people are to us, but sorry, I couldn't help it!"  They both laughed; Whitney flashing that famous smile.

      I returned to our little table and Max and I laughed about the trend we started.  Every time we would walk by Whitney and Bobby, at the concerts, they were like "hi Gloria!"  I was a gangster!

  The concerts kicked ass and Max introduced Zyon to Brazil.  We met the Train Robber for lunch, with his girl, and took photos after.  It was a Hollywood Rock that we would never forget...that little quiet balcony with the heavy weights on it!

     Class dismissed....