Thursday, April 18, 2013

Seps Meet Ozzy and Alice in Chains...

In the fall of 1992, Sepultura landed an Ozzy and Alice in Chains tour. We were super excited for this tour. We had never played with Ozzy before and couldn't believe the Great and Powerful Oz would even put us on show! This was going to be sick!

Sepultura Photoshoot

 We hit if off well with Alice in Chains; they were exploding in the music scene and every radio station was pumping their tunes. There release "Dirt" was topping the charts. We were all partying quite a bit in those days and our buses were always brewing with escapades.
One day, Layne Staley, the vocalist of Alice in Chains, came on our bus. He plopped on a couch and said "Who is sleeping with the manager?" I was like "whoa..." Did I have to make a confession? I guess the cat was out of the bag!
We didn't see Ozzy very much. In those days, he was arriving and chilling in the dressing room. Whenever Ozzy would stroll past, we would all have heart attacks!! In no time at all, we got tight with his crew. Bobby Thompson always kept things together and smooth for everyone. He was Ozzy's assistant and did a fantastic job of promoting harmony and reason on the tour.

 Sepultura was wrapping up the Arise Tour and we were using a new backdrop. The backdrop that had the Arise album cover on it had been stolen in Mexico City, and we were using a backdrop with the tribal "S" on it. It would come in handy for the upcoming Ministry Tour which had bones as its stage theme.

Layne Staley w/no eyebrows
One of the last nights of the tour, Layne came to our bus and looked funny....he had no eyebrows!! He said the night before, he had pranked a young lady who had passed out in his hotel room. He fell asleep...she woke up. When Layne woke, he saw she had pranked him back and shaved his eyebrows off! I thought it was funny and took a photo. God bless you, Layne, you were a shooting star.
Class dismissed....