Friday, November 23, 2012


     Let's divert a bit and talk turkey....
     Thanksgving is a family time.  When you are on the road, the people in the bus are your family.  Max and I spent our careers trying to blend the two, so our family stayed close with us, no matter where in the world we were.
     One Thanksgiving, a couple years back, we happened to be passing through Phoenix, with a day off.  I knew I would never have time to whip up dinner, but we all needed one badly.  It wa the sickest tour I had ever been on.  People were dropping like flies from bronchitis.
     I decided to rent a restaurant so we could pull up and have a meal chilling for us.  Of course, it wasn't easy, believe me, to find a restaurant that would open on Thanksgiving for us, but Christina did.  She contacted a Serbian restaurant called Nostaljia, in West Phoenix.
     I wasn't sure what would be served to us, since the chef had never made a Thanksgiving meal, or even cooked a turkey before!
     I took my sick brood in, Soulfly, Bleed the Sky, Incite and Devastation, if I recall correctly.  Our family and friends all came to feast with us. The spread was fit for a king....6 turkeys, hams, roasted beef, with all the trimmings.  Serbian sausages and cheeses, Baltkic red wines,  veggies and delicious desserts.  We wrapped it up with Turkish coffee to kick us in the ass, and out the door, back on the road,...
    God bless us all this Thanksgiving weekend.
     Next week, back to Metal History Class!