Friday, November 2, 2012

The Bootleggers

     The Bootleggers was a redneck pool bar when we took it over in August of 1983.  It was tucked in the corner, nicely secluded, at the back of a strip mall.  The only dilemma was the neighbor, a courthouse!  We soon met Justice Buddy, who promptly informed us he was known as the Rock N Roll Judge.  He had preformed the marriages of Frank Zappa and Steve Perry, so we figured he was as cool as a judge can be!

     The most exciting bash at The Bootleggers was the Friday Night Fish Fry.  Little did anyone know the sleepy, little Bootleggers was about to stretch up and roar!

     One weekend, I left for Colorado and when I returned, a garage band known as St. James was ripping it up covering Iron Maiden!  The bar was packed and the locals were choking on their beers!

     Paul had a giant smile as he told me the band had stopped in looking for a place to play and he thought "why not?".  They pushed the pool tables in the corner and jammed in the dining room...very raw, very punk rock.

     In no time at all, we were out at night stealing milk crates to build the stage.  A layer of plywood, and some dependable duct tape and the crates became the stage, the 2 pool tables became the drum riser. No PA, no monitors!  In fact, we didn't even know they existed!

     We couldn't afford national acts, so the bar soon became the Garage Band Mecca.  The bands who once had nowhere to go, now had a home of their own.

     Little did we know, that one night with St. James would be the embarking of an amazing journey.  Our trip would change Metal History!

     We are the Bootleggers...