Friday, August 9, 2019

Growing up Green! Wake up! Wake up!! Let’s ferry the English Channel!

I have been crossing the English Channel with an assortment of my bands since 1989, when I first ferried with Sacred Reich. Since then I have lost track of the many ferry crossings and Chunnel crossings. The Chunnel is the railroad tube under the Channel. I admit once our bus was too big to get in and we accidentally shut down the Chunnel and made the CNN News!

We always look forward to the food, the money exchange and seeing the white cliffs of Dover at the end of the journey! England knows how to throw down to music! They also love a good pint and rain does not ruin their day! And they accept all people, Mohawks, piercings, orca suit and tie, it’s all business as usual. Let’s check out the ferry!

No journey is complete without the fish and chips!

And when the white cliffs appear you know you’re done! It’s amazing that people swim this waterway! Rough seas and freezing cold! On to Bloodstock!

Class dismissed....