Friday, December 28, 2018

2018...WHAT A YEAR!!!

2018 was a bombastic year!! We took the power of Max to 34 countries! The year started out with Soulfly recording Ritual in LA and ended with its release! We visited the Navajo Nation many times, always grateful to get in tune with the Earth and its original inhabitants! Our friend, VP Jonathan Nez, was voted to be their next President! I admit, I morphed Max into many tunings this past year, but my fave was being on the Soulfly Performing Point Blank Tour!! Hearing that album reek spasms every night was a dream come true for me, since it's my all time favorite record! Seeing Max and our sons on stage was earth shattering every single night!

But to get to the real business of last year, two things were magnificent.....Igor and Aggy's wedding was the first! Having all of our family and our best-est friends together for 3 days in the most harmonious place on Earth Sedona, was the cream in the coffee! Work is cool and I am blessed to have a job I love, but family is first and this was a get together like no other!!!

And the second was the birth of our new granddaughter, Remi Antonia. So innocent. So soft. So delicious!!! Surely new babies are the top block of a pyramid!

So lets tie up our Doc Martens..or Converse, if you prefer. Put on your favorite, well worn band shirt and let's stage dive head-on into 2019!! Life is short! Fear doesn't create! Envy only destroys you! Dare to follow your dreams! If they fail, get back up, dust off your sleeves and reach for the next star! God bless you all.

Class dismissed...