Friday, May 18, 2018


Every band wants to play the Whiskey A Go Go on the famous Sunset Strip in Hollywood. You walk up on the corner stage and stand where Jim Morrison begged the LA Woman to Light My Fire. The same stage that Vince Neil molded his Motley Crue on. Most every band on the planet has gravitated to the Whiskey at least once!

The Whiskey has a history so rich and layered, that it deserves its own volume in the “Encyclopedia of Rock Music in all its Genres and Glory!” This is also where Metallica recruited Cliff Burton, after watching him play with the band Trauma.

The Whiskey’s balcony bar area has hosted more stars than Space and more clandestine parties than one cares to admit. It’s easy to look around and get swooped up by the action!

The walk up the back stairs to the stage and dressing room is always deep with anticipation. The dressing room area has been revamped and is waiting to lure you in! Let’s check it out!

The lure of the ‘80’s rise of hair bands and Metal in All Forms is evident from the minute you walk through the door! Memorabilia reminding us of Hollywood’s birth of legions of bands dot the walls. Relax with a drink on the plush red leather booths and get ready to leave your dna in the Legend of all Venues...!!

Class dismissed....