Friday, December 29, 2017


The end of a year is always a great time to reflect. The past, the future, friends, enemies, mistakes you made and accomplishments you dream of...there are so many bits and pieces that make up our journey! Organizing thousands of photos has kept me very busy during my home time, the last 2 years. Many people say "oh, now you can rest," when I return home, but the truth is, Home is the precious chaos that links our life into one element. It links the tours, family and work into one solid streamer!

On this venture through the past, I came across photos of Max recording Head Up with the Deftones. I admit, we are addicted to their friendship. I am certain it stems back to when a smiling ear to ear Dana introduced us to a dreadheaded Chino and his band of pot smoking, smiling, sickest artists ever, soon to be at the time..friends. Is there a word that combines family and friends? Fremaly? Anyway, yes, we have a special affection for anything Deftone. Missing a son is rough but you know what? Lots of Mothers have lost children and it all aches the same. A great deal. But you can give up your life mourning or you can chose to do what your child would want you to do, and that's LIVE! Let's all send Chi Cheng's adorable Mother, Jeanne Cheng, a virtual hug right now! God knows how strong she is!

The photo above is from the time Chino came to our home to write First Commandment with Max. I love this photo. I love looking at every detail and recalling the tiny moments each object saw in our home. This path lead us to Seattle and the eventual recording of Head Up. I grabbed that little piece of paper with Dana's lyrics and took it to Chino. He loved it! Dana would have been freaking out to know the Deftomes used his lyrics! He was so happy when Max sat with him at our table and they wrote the lyrics to Attitude together! And if he knew Muse used the riff at their shows, that would be a straight up stage dive!

Enjoy these photos!!! They are raw, from a wound, a face plant, a bone sticking through. They are a glimpse into a time when I was just coming out of a mist and Max was in a moment of fury! In the New Year, let's all have more compassion, more spirit and less selfish behavior. I'm over it! Too many people speak with "I" or "Me" in every sentence. Let's return to "We" because that's what the Tribe is! Every day we add new members! And we pick each other up in the pit! HAPPY METAL NEW YEAR!! I resolve to bring Max and his pack to every place on the Earth, every destination there are Tribe waiting! No club is too small, no country is too far! Let's RAGE!!

Class dismissed......till next year!