Friday, November 17, 2017


Our country is in a strange position these last months. Many things not acceptable are bring forced down our throats. FAUX NEWS spills its garbage all day and many people choose to believe it. I have heard people defending Nazis and others talking about hunting in animal sanctuaries. Having a Mother who was a concentration camp survivor, a slave in a forced labor camp and a Russian immigrant during the Cold War, I was raised with certain values regarding freedom and human rights. This upbringing gave me strong impressions regarding freedom, the gift of food and shelter and the strength of the family. Because of this, one day last summer, I thought that maybe it was time for Max to present Nailbomb to the Tribe.

Written in 1993-94, Point Blank has worn the crown of all releases I have ever done. True, I have worked many legendary recordings, singles and videos, but none compare to the experience we all had making Point Blank. Besides laughing and expanding creative design, the lyrics were hard and hit home back then, now and most likely well into the future. We all called it a Hate Project (as we laughed our tails off), but in this century, I realized it was a protest record from the first note of Wasting Away to the last rumble of Sick Life. Recently I discussed the lyrical content with Max and Alex and thought I would break it all down here, for my Students. Let's dive in!!

WASTING AWAY--This is a song about the struggle to have an independent thought process. Trying to think for yourself and not just fall into the line of sheep. Sometimes seeking answers for yourself and not just relying on what church, school or work drills you with, can wear you down. The struggle to be free can end up trapping you.

VAI TOMAR NO CU-- This is anti-authority, anti-government, anti-our respective government's military policy and also about fake people, dishonest people, etc. It's telling them to "stick it up their ass."

24 HOUR BULLSHIT--This track is pretty literal. It's about being brainwashed by TV and commercials.

GUERILLAS-- Total anti-war lyrics.

BLIND AND LOST--Ths song pokes fun at people who are eager to conform to society's standards, or people who get sucked into a certain type of politics or religion and become zealots.

SUM OF YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS--This is a sad song. Talking about how with all the technological advancements humans have made in the last 100 years, many of them are geared towards war and death, instead of something that makes life better. An example is hatred towards scientists who invented the atom bomb.

WORLD OF SHIT--This talks about how violence, racism and hate is deliberately stoked by politicians to sow division among the people. Sound like anyone current?

EXPLOITATION--This is a cover song by the band DOOM. The lyrics are about animal testing and how it is wrong.

RELIGIOUS CANCER--This track is pretty literal, saying religion has no relevance in modern society and it is like a cancer, draining people's money and brainwashing them.

SHIT PINATA--this track is about fake people and dishonest politicians. Short and sweet!

SICK LIFE--this song is about drug addiction and how it ruins people's lives.

There you go! For the Nailbomb fans, the Soulfly fans, the Max career fans! Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide!!

Class dismissed....