Friday, October 20, 2017


Some years ago, Max never knew one fact about American football. He was soccer all the way, and nothing sportswise was getting in the mix!! Little by little, he would join in when my Dad, or brothers or sons were watching a game, but he never really accepted it. One day, it all started to click and he decided to learn a bit about it.

We bought Cardinal's season tickets and started going to games when we were in Phoenix. We all swooned over Larry Fitzgerald and the days of Kurt Warner, but Max wasn't quite decided on who his team would be. While still scoping the teams out, he began to learn the rules, stats, players, uniforms, and the history of the game. It didn't take long until he was hooked deep! One day, when he saw that lion emblem on the brilliant blue backdrop of anything Detroit, he made his decision. Just like any good Leo, the Lions were adopted! The Cardinals have a place on the field, but the Detroit Lions stole the love!

Through the years, at Max's birthdays and Christmases, I outfitted him with his name on official jerseys, shorts, jackets and even slippers made from the jersey cloth!! I admit the boys grumble when they go to Cardinals games and Max is wearing the Detroit jersey when the Lions aren't playing! We all just laugh nw and know he loves them!!

Yesterday, Max had one of his dreams come true! He got a personal tour of Ford Field in Detroit...home of his beloved Detroit Lions!! I will take you all on a mini photographic tour below, and you can walk the field and the halls with Max!! He went to the locker room, the suites, press areas, the field, the legendary original road through Detroit that is embedded in the new stadium, and of course the gift shop!! Enjoy your tour with Max and Zyon at Ford Field! All he was missing was Roki and Marlie!! I hate to say it, but he likes it a drop more than soccer. Ouch! Sorry soccer fans...

Class dismissed....