Friday, August 11, 2017


Wacken is always an adventure. It's so dialed in, so perfect! Why, even the shuttle vans have Wacken carpet!

After we parked the bus, and got our credentials, I wandered down to the dressing room area with Iggor, Jason, and Mike. We cruised through the horseshoe and looked for our dressing room. Shock and awe set in when we saw the sign on the door! Typical Wacken, always makes you say WHOA! Mike soon spotted Steve Harris nearby and he and Iggor took off to the sickest photo op of all time!! Jason and I went in the dressing room, admired the Marshall fridge and stole the poster!

Later in the day, after the press was done, the guys all scattered about. I love the giant Trojan deer! I got the set lists and day sheets ready and cruised around a bit. The set time was early and there wasn't much time to waste. We were beginning a marathon of 3 festival shows in 3 countries in 29 hours!

The show was a blazer!!! Many people came to me and remarked on the crowd that came outa nowhere. I smiled...our Tribe. We're big...the biggest in the world. And here was our German Tribe, along with brothers and sisters from many countries..they poured in! You could feel them, and it was the fuel for the band!!

Wacken has it so dialed in, they had a soup machine on stage! In 30 years on the road I have never, ever seen that! Wacken water, Wacken keeps growing!

A big shout out to all the Wacken peops who made our day perfect!! It is so organized and dialed in, and each year gets better!! They were gracious and offered to take us to the airport to hop a private plane to the next stop in Lyoin, France! We opened the Wacken shuttle sliding door, plopped our feet on the Wacken carpet and drank the Wacken water...all in a daze work.