Friday, January 27, 2017


Recording Chaos AD was a badass experience!  The studio was brimming with history.  Bands like Queen, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath had recorded there.  Why, they had slept in the very beds we were sleeping in!  Everything about that recording was immense.  It was an honor to spend the entire time with the God of Production, Andy Wallace.  Andy had also brought his wife, Trish, and his young son with him.  It was Metal and Family, just how Max and I like it!  Zyon was only 6 months old.  We had come from the best occasion-our wedding the week before- and the worst occasion-losing a grandchild 12 hours after our wedding.  Emotions in our house and our hearts were like a thunderstorm of energy.


After the recording was complete, we all flew to our various cities and relaxed.  The crucial time was over.  The record was on fat analog tapes, sitting in the reproduction plant and we were nestled in our homes..for a minute!  Cees, the owner and founder of Roadrunner Records, contacted me and said he was throwing a Chaos AD launch party for the band in a Welsh castle!  Now we're talking!!


I got my best black velvet on and packed our bags and off we soared to the UK!!  MTV was in full force there.  Vanessa Warwick, the beautiful MTV VJ of Headbanger's Ball, had become close friends with us.  She was a big supporter of Sepultura.  Without people like her, the band would have never grown to the capacity it had.  I had signed the band on Epic Records for one LP and their distribution would eventually make Chaos the biggest selling Max Sepultura release of all time.  I had all y ducks in a row.  MTV would have a huge presence at the party.

We arrived at Caerphilly Castle with a full heart of excitement!  This was a dream come true, actually!  We couldn't believe Cees had thrown down for us in such a big way!  They even rolled out the red carpet!

The castle was packed with label folks and journalists from every corner of every Metal media in the world.  We were treated to fine Brazilian food and exotic Brazilian entertainment.  Of course as the night got on and the booze flowed, there had to be one crap talker griping about all the poor people that the money could have been spent on.  Other than him, it was all pure excitement!!

Everyone took home this pottery castle mug.   We were in awe the entire evening, as every detail was there!!  MTV videoed most all of the night and you can check it out here, on this link.  Good times were rolling like waves on a beach!                                                                                                The only flaw in the whole Chaos campaign was Max and I knew shizzle was growing in the Sepultura camp.  Someone was planting the seed of contempt.  Envy was the partner and walked hand in hand; its grip ever tightening on a couple accepting hands.  Old Man Trouble was looking for a ledge to perch on and would eventually find it.  In the meantime, we geared up for the many tours I had set in place and the fans who thrashed outside our perimeters.  And off we went!

Class dismissed......