Friday, December 23, 2016


When Max asked me to have his child, I knew it would change my life in many ways. I would have to find away to integrate a baby in the world of Metal, a world full of headbangers, bus rides, flights, journalists and fans. I never thought twice about it.

Photo by Glen LaFerman
In August of 1992, Max made the move to America. I was about 5 months pregnant and had several tours booked.....Ozzy and Ministry, to be exact. I never gained much weight when I was pregnant, and really didn't think about the fact that I was pregnant. I admit I missed several appointments, butI felt great and it wasn't my first rodeo!

I was so excited to go to the airport, the day he stepped off the plane. There was no hesitation in our plans. We not only were having a child together, but we worked together every day, all day long, and thrived on it! I didn't expect what happened in the airport, though.....

I could see an alcohol buzzed, long haired, flannel shirt wearing hunkalicious coming up the walkway from the airplane. As he entered the terminal and saw me, he ripped his shirt open and I saw marker all over his chest! "I love you more" was Sharpie Emblazoned across his torso! I couldn't stop laughing! He said, "I asked the dude sitting next to me what I could do to impress you when I walked off!" That he did; and he still does!! And then we went home together, for the first time. I took him and his empty backpack home with me, and our little unborn Z. The older kids were waiting for their Pops and it's been our life ever since.

This will be the 24th Christmas we shared together. I hope all of you, my dear Students, find someone to share your life and your dreams with! From our crazy home to yours..Merry Christmas!!!

Class dismissed......