Friday, December 5, 2014


April 6, 2005...our friend, Joey Nugent called and said he was picking up Paul Gray from Slipknot. They had been friends for a while and Joey knew our son, Igor, was a big fan. Joey said he and Paul were going to hang until the show, which was at the Glendale Arena, in Glendale, Arizona. He asked if it was cool to stop by later.

Joey, Paul, Igor, and Max

We were all excited, since we had not met Paul before. Slipknot was on tour with Lamb of God, in North America and there was a big buzz on the package.

They ate at La Fonda Grande, a killer Mexican restaurant in Phoenix, on Shea Rd and 32nd Street, cruised around in Joey's slick Buick Regal and eventually worked their way to our house. Paul was super chill and toured our home, checking out all the memorabilia. He hung for a couple hours and then headed to the Arena, with Joey.

Paul, Igor and Max

Igor and Paul

While it's true you meet many people on tour, it's a different vibe chilling in your home with them. No stress, no peeping toms, no demands, just talking about gossip, music and people...petting dogs and meeting kids...laughing, asking the questions you always wanted to know the answers's real.

Back to practice...

Class dismissed....