Friday, September 19, 2014


This blog is for dog lovers, Cavalera students and peeps with good hearts....I think it's all of you, but I have been wrong about people in the past before!

When our son Igor was young, he began insisting and dreaming of getting a dog. For some time, I didn't grant his wish because some of us in our home have a whooping allergy to dog dander. Iggor didn't cave in and after much dreaming-on Igor's part-I decided to go to the pet store and see what they had to choose from.

The little fur balls were cute and begging me to take them home, but I didn't want to live with an oxygen tank implanted. The sales girl told me about some breeds that were hypo allergenic and I got super excited! She said Silky Terriers had human hair and skin like a baby and had one in the store. When I saw the little black and brown fluff of fur with the bluest eyes ever, I fell in love! He was going home with me, no doubt about it!!

Spanky at Monument Valley making the Prophecy photo shoot, wind blowing his fur

Igor and Spanky
I can't tell you how much joy we all had the night we took him home! Igor was super excited and named him Spanky. They were inseparable and Spanky was part of our Tribe in all ways. After a short time we felt sorry for him and got him an ole lady who we named Sofia. Everyone needs a partner...

Months went by and we thought Sofy might be expecting. We took her to the vet, and sure enough, there were some buns in the oven. We were leaving on a US tour and the vet said not to worry, the pups wouldn't make an appearance before we returned. We all snuggled in our bedroom at the back of the bus and hit the road. Early in the morning, Sofy woke me up and when I rolled over, a tiny, moist, little black speck of fur was next to my face!! I yelled for Roxanne and she came in speechless!! I had to tell the driver that we were having pups on the bus. He about swerved off the road!!

Sofy was a G and gave us 3 little Silkys..Chunk Rizzo, Rick James Bitch and a tiny little female we named Chiquita. We kept them in a bunk of their own until they began climbing out. They graduated to a tall plastic tub, until we got home.

Time passed and Spanky and Sofia gave us 5 more babies...Truffles, Baxter, Yoshi, Conan and little tiny girl Luba. Our house was so full of action! We had them all until the males got territorial and moved into our children's and friend's homes. It was a time we will never forget!

Spanky learned to smile and butt wag like a pro! I swear the dogs were reincarnated humans! Every time I came home from a tour, the first thing I cooked was a beautiful turkey breast that no one was allowed to touch..except the dogs!! Life was in the Golden Age for us!!!!

Me and Spanky
Spanky got restless with all the babies and very jealous. He moved in with Richie and became his closest companion, going everywhere with him. I think he did more tours than most bands I know! We spent time walking him through every state and all types of weather. Once there was the remnants of a hurricane in Florida and he chased the frogs that washed up, for hours!! Three feet deep of snow in Canada and blizzard rocking our boat, but there was Spanky, looking for a blade of grass!

Spanky and Richie

Last year, Spanky died a good dog's death...bobcatting a snake that crawled under our house. He never suffered as old dogs do and never spent an unhappy day in his life. God decided Dana and Moses needed a pet in Heaven and Spanky was His choice. Run free, dear have wings now!!


Class dismissed....