Friday, June 6, 2014


As I promised once, I will let you all hear the early tape Max made when he was writing at the kitchen table when I was pregnant with Igor. Enjoy and have a good discussion, my Students! I am sure there will be many comments around the classroom..
After Max wrote a big portion of the album, Roadrunner owner and CEO, Cees Wessel flew Max and myself to Amsterdam for a meeting with the marketing team. Max laid out his idea...the title, artwork and concept along with the music on his machine. We all had a laugh when the label suggested the title may be confusing to the fans and they will think it an R&B release!

Since we were in Europe and the band still in Brazil, Max and I took a train to Vienna and then on to Salzburg, Austria, for a breather. I was quite pregnant at the time.
Me and Max in our hotel in Salzburg in the Alps.
When the band finished their months long break and came to Phoenix to jam, Max had his idea fully planted. Have fun with this class, Students......the truth be told...
Sepultura Live 1996

Class dismissed......