Friday, March 14, 2014


We were coming off the Ozzy, Alice In Chains and Sepultura Tour. I was pregnant with Zyon and starting to show. Max and I were not yet married, but very happy. Things were poppin'. Ministry had contacted our agent and we were gearing up to complete the Ozzy Tour and move on to Ministry.

Merch booth
No tour is complete without a happy ending! Sharon always has the best climax, don't you agree? After one tour, she treated us all to the Jim Rose Circus and a buffet; once a party at the Ritz Carlton (Didn't Chris Holmes come on the bus waiting to beat up Tony Iommi over Lita Ford??? Oh another class...) and the best spread EVER!! She is a goddess indeed. This particular tour encore just happened to be the reunion of Ozzy with Black Sabbath and Sepultura was on the bill!! Could Life get any better?
Jason enjoying the show from front stage

We flew the kids out because this was going to be historic. They had walked every step of the way with us and they were not missing out on this landslide! Dana was ecstatic when we were all allowed to sit on Stage Right and watch the show!
Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath
We had the best show and the day was a riot! We ran around the backstage trying to get a glimpse of the Fab Four, sneaking photos and generally acting like possessed fans! At the party later, Nino our soundman drank Mr Lifto's stomach bile. No kids allowed at that party!!
Dana and Zakk Wylde

Tony and Geezer with Andreas and Paulo in the background

Class dismissed...