Friday, February 14, 2014


Christina and I were in the UK with Sacred Reich, in the summer of '90.  We had gotten throughly searched at Heathrow because we were so excited to be there, that we smiled and said hi to the Custom's Agents.  They promptly pulled us over and detained us for an hour and a half.
Sacred Reich
The Sacred show at the Marquee Club in London was an insane success!  The line of Metalheads outside was the biggest queue ever, and the promoter said it even surpassed Jimi Hendrix's line! After the show Christina and I took the ferry and then trains to catch up to Sepultura, who were on the road in Holland.  We looked pretty silly arriving with our mondo, super large suitcases and carry-ons, though.  Sepultura was in a van with all their luggage and gear!  We were always traveling by bus and had no idea the Seps only had a van!  Somehow, they squeezed our trunks in with the rest and we all breezed through the shows!

I remember on the first drive, packed in and laughing our butts off, Iggor had to go to the bathroom and the driver wouldn't stop.  Iggor, at the verge of exploding, let it all loose on the van floor!   When we went up the hills, it slid back...when we went down, it sloshed the other way.  It was quite a ride!

Every day was a party after the show. The shows were ballistic missiles..what more can I say?  The parties later were the same!  Someone usually ended up fighting with a bar patron so we did a lot of bar-hopping.

In Eindhoven, we stayed at the home of a friend of the band.  We didn't realize how in touch we were about to experience Holland!  Christina and I shared an upstairs room with 2 little beds.  The house was very quaint with a beautiful garden.
Father of the house
In the evening the Father of the house came to chat about something-who knows what, after all these years-and Christina and I about had heart attacks when he entered in Speedo Tidy Whiteys and wooden shoes...and nothing else!  These Europeans are truly free, I guess..
Sepultura on ferry

Next stop, UK and merry London.  We all crossed the English Channel by ferry.  This was no ordinary ferry ride of course, with this krew and I am quite sure I smelled some Mary Jane on the way. Who put that in my piggy??
kids in line

Crazed fans

Iggor signing autographs
The Marquee was again our playground and the queue was in full force.  Not quite as long as Sacred's but the only people measuring were the club!  We didn't care!  We all promptly found a pub and piled in for some "before the show pints!"  I also took Sepultura to do interviews and photo shoots in a small park near the venue.
Pub time

Sepultura Photoshoot

Soundcheck was storming and the show was a bazooka powered explosion of sickness!!  It was the last time I stage dived in a little black spleen still hurts...

Class dismissed...