Friday, June 7, 2013

Stick It Up Your Fudge Tunnel...

One of the tours I produced in the early 90's was Sepultura, Fear Factory, Clutch and Fudge Tunnel. We were all great friends before the tour started, so I knew it would be the same climate as The New Titans On The Bloc had been...a frikken riot!

Dino, Iggor and Max in mask

Dan from Clutch, Max, and Christian from Fear Factory

Fudge Tunnel was from Nottingham England. We had just done a tour in Europe prior to the North American leg with them. Christina was married to Alex and she was also on the road selling merch for the tour. I had heard a Fudge Tunnel cassette and called Max, who was in Brazil at the time, and asked if it was cool if I added them to the Euro tour as Sepultura's support. He had just discovered them too and was up for the idea.

Alex singing

Alex And Neil (Clutch singer) 
Clutch had just released their A Shogun Named Marcus classic and Sepultura jammed to it all tour long. It made sense to add them. They were full of energy and exotic to me...a bit greaser, a bit rocker, a bit dangerous. If I could do a shot of Clutch, I would!

Fear Factory completed the bill as main support. It was the original lineup with a full tank of gas! Max had helped them get their deal at Roadrunner Records, with Monte Conner signing them. This bill assured me there would be kickass Metal, blistering the headbanging eardrums in the pit at high tide!! Maybe some of you were lucky enough to be there!! Zyon was!!!

Fear Factory
Neil and baby Zyon

On the last shown Iggor painted new backdrops for Fudge Tunnel. He painted two rocket size d#@%ks on white sheets and hung them on each side of the stage! It was a moment to remember...

Class dismissed......