Thursday, March 7, 2013


           I don't remember when Dana met the Deftones, but I remember their demo tape became an addiction in our home. Zyon got caught up with "Bored" and we heard it slamming through the house all day long. Dana made lots of recordings of Zyon jamming to Bored. In fact, Zyon was so gangster, I told Max that when Zyon took the stage over, one day in the future, Max would have to take a break and sit a couple out.

 Dana was after me to manage the Deftones. They were young and without a manager at the time he met them. I booked a flight to Sacremento but as Fate chooses, I went into labor just a couple days before my trip and little Igor was born. I missed out on my meeting and Warren Entner signed the Deftones. I respected him greatly and knew the band was in good hands. With a new baby, Sepultura's Chaos AD release, and Nailbomb's Point Blank coming out, I was quite busy.

Dana, Jason Rainey of Sacred Reich, and some friends of Dana chilling waiting for the show

           Max and I were home for a while, in Phoenix, when Dana told us the Deftones were going to play there, in a club called After the Goldrush. I knew it well. I had done many shows there with Sacred Reich and Sepultura. It was a nice sized club in Tempe, near ASU.

We all went to the concert and Dana was so frikken happy! Trust me, we were excited too!! Zyon made sure we all knew every note...of at least one song!! Their cd, Adrenalin, had just come out and max was listening to it nonstop.

Max was invited to sing Engine Number 9 with them. The club wasn't sold out but the fans who were there got a treat that night for sure!! It was obvious to us their career was about to explode. What we didn't know was there would one day be a song titled Head Up and fate would ask our lovable Chi to step out...


Class dismissed...