Friday, December 14, 2012

Max Leaves Sepultura

As you can imagine, December holds many memories for us, some good, some bad.  This week is the 16th anniversary of the last Sepultura show Max performed, and I managed.  

We played Brixton Academy in London on that evening, December 16th.  I knew what was coming for Max and me, but no one else did.  I spent most of the day derailing pranks that people were organizing, to interfere with Max's show.  Thank God I had a confidant on the road who informed me of the shenanigans, and I was able to stop the pranks before they happened.  

We had flown all the kids into the UK, and they were running wild, having a blast.  I was thin, and heart sick because it was only 4 months after Dana had been killed in a car chase.  My mind was on many things that day.  

The highlight of the show was the drum jam.  All our UK friends and our children stormed the stage.  They were all wearing tribal paint that Christina and I had doused them with.  Igor was barely over one year old, so Roxanne held him at the drums.  

Many surprises came later, but the biggest surprise was for Sepultura......not only did I leave, but Max did too.  

Check out the photos courtesy of Mindy Reinstein!!