Friday, October 4, 2019

GROWING UP GREEN!! Wake up!!! Wake up!! The Time Our Dogs Were Born in the Bus..!!!

In 2004, the end of July, we all boarded the family bus with a very pregnant Silky Terrier in tow, and her quizzical lover, Spanky. The vet had assured us Sofia would not deliver until we returned, so it never entered my mind that we may have a surprise. Soulfly was on another bus because we brought our family along with our dogs. It was summer vacation so why not?

The very next morning, August 1st to be exact, I’m sleeping in the back room when I am awakened by Sofia’s nudge. I roll to the left and next to my temple is a slick black, furry puppy. It took my brain a minute to realize what it was!! I yelled for Rox to help. She magically whipped a large, leopard spotted dog bed out of her bag and laid it in a bottom bunk. Sofia went in with her little son and within no time at all, 3 little puppies were taking their first breaths!! I was speechless. For one, I now had granddogs and secondly, how the hell did she shove that giant bed in a small bag? It seemed like an inflatable bed!!

Chunk, Rick James and Chiquita were christened official tour dogs! They looked like teardrop Dobermans!! We decided their crib would be a red plastic tub in the front lounge.

We had to keep the snoopy Dad Spanky occupied since Sofia seemed like she was ready to rip him a new a&@!!! He had the “What Did I Do” look on his face!

The kids had a blast on that tour! Little Moses was with us too, so it was a special time for our family!

We were lucky that there happened to be a vet on tour with us! Talk about random! Mike helped us with all our questions and we had a lot of them! He also pointed out that Chunk, the first born, was gigantic!!

We had plenty to occupy us on that tour. I needed an energy boost one night so I borrowed some mojo from Marc Rizzo! Carry on! Nothing to see here!

Class dismissed.......