Friday, September 26, 2014


My dear Students, some of the newcomers in class didn't quite correctly process the September 11 blog, now, did they? I suggest people don't attend class if they are going to bully or batter others. Those of you who don't need to be here....simple...don't read my blog, and go stalk someone else, please. Name calling, denying and analyzing have no place in this classroom. There is no reason for me to invent stories; my life has plenty of rewards and plenty of drama. I warned you a few months back I would reveal some twists and turns.....No more distractions!

Moses, Moses, where are you? We all know the song with the haunting trombone. And, many of you knew our little Moses...the blue eyes, the chubby cheeks protruding from his smile, a perfect, Slavic boy. He was here. He was right here! And then he was gone.


Earlier in the Belgrade winter afternoon, Moses was at a Machinehead loadin, chilling with Rob and the gang. During the show, he slept tucked snugly in his crib at home, high on the Izvorska hill overlooking Belgrade. Mom, Dad and other party-goers came to eat and visit, waking him up. It was about 2:00am.

Dancing to Mano Chao :) 

Moses woke up and joined the action. He swung in his swing, dancing to Mano Chao, eating delicate, Serbian cheese pastries. Not a cloud in his sky...just love and music! He stayed up until around 3:00am and then nestled in bed with Mom and Dad.

Moses never woke up again. He silently slipped up to Heaven, not a peep was made. He simply left. The doctors could not solve the mystery. A scientist was brought in and after months of testing, it was pronounced that he had a sort of superbug--a virus mixed with a bacteria. A germ so deadly it struck quickly, like a bolt of lightening!

Richie and I flew immediately to Belgrade for the saddest, weeping-est funeral known to Mankind. There isn't much anyone can say at a time like that to make one feel better, just hug and hold on.

The next month, when I saw Christina again, in Belgrade, she handed me a big stack of printed emails. I took them home and eventually got to them. One, in particular, stood out. A cryptic message from an unknown address certainly seemed out of place in the pile of sympathy wishes.

I circulated it to a very few close friends, one who worked for the NSA. She reported it to her Big Boss, who later asked where she got it from. I even gave it to the Navajo Indians, with their keen insight. No luck on deciphering the message. I did learn that the words in the first line, 'wet duty' mean "to assassinate." I also found it strange that the organs affected in Moses' tiny body were mentioned several times.

Well, you can see for yourself....

Class dismissed....

Friday, September 19, 2014


This blog is for dog lovers, Cavalera students and peeps with good hearts....I think it's all of you, but I have been wrong about people in the past before!

When our son Igor was young, he began insisting and dreaming of getting a dog. For some time, I didn't grant his wish because some of us in our home have a whooping allergy to dog dander. Iggor didn't cave in and after much dreaming-on Igor's part-I decided to go to the pet store and see what they had to choose from.

The little fur balls were cute and begging me to take them home, but I didn't want to live with an oxygen tank implanted. The sales girl told me about some breeds that were hypo allergenic and I got super excited! She said Silky Terriers had human hair and skin like a baby and had one in the store. When I saw the little black and brown fluff of fur with the bluest eyes ever, I fell in love! He was going home with me, no doubt about it!!

Spanky at Monument Valley making the Prophecy photo shoot, wind blowing his fur

Igor and Spanky
I can't tell you how much joy we all had the night we took him home! Igor was super excited and named him Spanky. They were inseparable and Spanky was part of our Tribe in all ways. After a short time we felt sorry for him and got him an ole lady who we named Sofia. Everyone needs a partner...

Months went by and we thought Sofy might be expecting. We took her to the vet, and sure enough, there were some buns in the oven. We were leaving on a US tour and the vet said not to worry, the pups wouldn't make an appearance before we returned. We all snuggled in our bedroom at the back of the bus and hit the road. Early in the morning, Sofy woke me up and when I rolled over, a tiny, moist, little black speck of fur was next to my face!! I yelled for Roxanne and she came in speechless!! I had to tell the driver that we were having pups on the bus. He about swerved off the road!!

Sofy was a G and gave us 3 little Silkys..Chunk Rizzo, Rick James Bitch and a tiny little female we named Chiquita. We kept them in a bunk of their own until they began climbing out. They graduated to a tall plastic tub, until we got home.

Time passed and Spanky and Sofia gave us 5 more babies...Truffles, Baxter, Yoshi, Conan and little tiny girl Luba. Our house was so full of action! We had them all until the males got territorial and moved into our children's and friend's homes. It was a time we will never forget!

Spanky learned to smile and butt wag like a pro! I swear the dogs were reincarnated humans! Every time I came home from a tour, the first thing I cooked was a beautiful turkey breast that no one was allowed to touch..except the dogs!! Life was in the Golden Age for us!!!!

Me and Spanky
Spanky got restless with all the babies and very jealous. He moved in with Richie and became his closest companion, going everywhere with him. I think he did more tours than most bands I know! We spent time walking him through every state and all types of weather. Once there was the remnants of a hurricane in Florida and he chased the frogs that washed up, for hours!! Three feet deep of snow in Canada and blizzard rocking our boat, but there was Spanky, looking for a blade of grass!

Spanky and Richie

Last year, Spanky died a good dog's death...bobcatting a snake that crawled under our house. He never suffered as old dogs do and never spent an unhappy day in his life. God decided Dana and Moses needed a pet in Heaven and Spanky was His choice. Run free, dear have wings now!!


Class dismissed....

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Strange things happen to people in their life. This is a beyond comprehension event that happened to ME. Don't believe the garbage some sites chose to publish.... Believe the facts. I am running this class again, try to make some sense, of an unbelievable day. I am not allowed to print the message, as the FBI has requested of me. Calling me names because I opened up a private event is rather cheeky, don't you think? Distorting facts is also wrong. God bless the families affected by this tragic, perverse day. May this never, ever happen again.

Good morning my Students, people of the tribe,  people of the world…  Did you know that a terrorist called me on the early morning of 9/11, two hours before the attack on the Word Trade Center?  No, you didn't.  Did you know that your's truly is in possession of a voicemail message from 9/11 that is equivalent to the Zapruder tape of JFK's assassination?  No, you didn't.  Why?  Because the FBI, the 9/11 Commission, The Washington Post, CNN, and everyone else in control of our information decided to bury it.  I have carried this ever since that dreadful morning in 2001 and I will not suppress it anymore.  People need the information…

I wake up early, before 6:00 am every day, but on September 11th of 2001, it was a morning I could never forget.  I went into my office and I saw the light blinking on the caller ID- strange for a call to come in the middle of the night, but I could see that a couple did- a pizza place in New Jersey.  Weird.

I went outside a grabbed the newspaper noticing Michaels Jordan's face in the corner.  It was an article about a press conference scheduled for that day.  Going back in the house, the phone rang in the kitchen.  It was my mother calling bright and early, "Turn on CNN Gloria."  I asked, "Why?" - "Turn it on honey." Click. She hung up.

The shock filled me as I saw the tower in flames, the smoke billowing.  Running through the house, I woke everybody up and went to the TV.  Before our eyes a second plane struck the second tower.

A few hours later, I went to the office and checked my messages.  A scary, creepy messaged slithered in my ear.  WTF?  This can't be.  The caller was slow, rehearsed, a message of unbelievable proportions.  Although I didn't realize it at the time, it told a three-part story of wicked betrayal of the American people's trust.  It told the past, the present and the future of our world.  A prophecy with a chilling message is there, taking residence in my voicemail.

I went to a pay phone at the Safeway near my house and dialed the FBI hotline number that was on the CNN ticker at the bottom of the screen.  A woman told me to preserve everything about the phone call and that somebody would come by to check it out.

I preserved.  I waited.  I waited.  I called.  I waited, I called, I called...And called...and called...Many things happened on my end as I tried to get this information to someone.  I recorded the call and put it on a CD.  I then did what any good manager would do;  I asked our booking agent to book a tour for Soulfly to New York City and to New Jersey.  This gave birth to the Static X/ Soufly US Tour in 2002.

My students, did I also mention that the call came in at 6:30 am EST, from 30 miles outside of Newark Airport?  Did I mention that I uncovered a pay phone company that was related to the call?  Did I tell you the message is one and a half minutes long and the caller called twice.  Did I mention I took a Policeman with me as I visited each of the locations connected with the call?  Did I tell you I met with the Terrorist Task Force in NYC?  Did I also mention that the Policeman had called me a couple months later and told me that one of the places we visited was the apartment of one of the hijackers of flight 93?  I still find it unbelievable, and I know that you must too.  It's not our usual class but I told you that I had a few surprises...

And what's even worse??? Part three, the prediction and future visions mentioned in the call- many deaths for many years.  A huge debt for America, someone talking with a crooked jaw (co nance), social security being cut...  HOW DID THE CALLER KNOW?  Why, simply put, he "listened" outside the apartment.

This is my life.

Anyone interested now?

Class Dismissed...

Friday, September 5, 2014


In 1984, I booked a new band from La, called Poison, at the Bootleggers, my brother, Paul, and my rock club in Phoenix, Arizona. They were one of the first acts from another city that we brought in and we were so nervous we would lose money! After all, we guaranteed them $300!!! What a risk!

They pulled up the morning of the show in their rented motor home, accompanied by their then-manager, Howie Hubberman. I did catch my breath a bit, when I first saw makeup or outfits on...just natural dreamboats in jean shorts. Holy shizzle! ! They were polite and excited!

The show was packed and the club never had so many girls in it ever before. Girls bring guys and the Bootleggers was throbbing that night! Girls were lining up for the band members once the show was over; it was insane!!
Dana with CC and some rocker chicks
In early 1985, Howie called and booked 3 nights in a row for the band. We were thrilled! $900 for 3 nights was another risk and we fliered the city, the high schools, record stores and bought adds in the local papers.

One day, a few weeks before the show, CC DeVille arrived at the Bootleggers with his parents for lunch! We were surprised as anything! He was raving about our cooking and homestyle feel of the club and wanted his parents to come enjoy the afternoon with him. We never expected that at all, in our wildest dreams!

A couple days before the big weekend with Poison, I left some fries in the deep fryer too long and it caught on fire! I was serving at the bar and a patron said "Look in the kitchen!" The flames were straight up, shooting to the ceiling. We didn't know what to do and dumped a giant bag of cornmeal on the fire, which only made to bigger!! Don't EVER try that solution!! When the fire department came, they shot a fire extinguisher at the fryer and exploded the burning, fiery grease all over the entire kitchen! We had to evacuate. By the time they watered it down, the entire club was smoke damaged!!

Thank God for good insurance and the next days were full of companies scurrying around fixing the damage. They got it all redone the day before Poison arrived, so all was good to go! It really took a lot of effort!

The 3 days of Poison were full of adventure, rocking songs and passion! The band was a month away from platinum sales, but didn't know it. Their record was about to come out and sweep the world, but for these 3 days, they were a humble and grateful band from LA. I didn't even have stage monitors and they never once even mentioned it!

On the last day, the police came in and said they were going to shut us down because we were "just like the punks." They strongly urged us to turn the club back into the redneck, pool bar it was before we bought it. Haha!!

Poison playing in the Bootleggers was a turning point for us. We had once been a garage band only club. With the success of the Poison shows, soon many bands were calling. LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, Lizzy Borden, Malice, Running Wild, Celtic Frost, Voivod.... In fact we must have been threatening the big local rock club because on the last night of Poison, the club sent a limo with hookers and coke in it to entice Poison away from us. Hohum...the politics of music...

Class dismissed...