Friday, March 29, 2019


We have travelled to Australia many times in the last 30 years. In fact, Australia is one of the biggest markets in the world for ALL THINGS MAX. Fans drench themselves in his music and turn out in droves for the live shows! It was the only place in the world that was treated to Killer Be Killed's bombastic set! Big Day Out hosted Soulfly with Kanye West and the Return to Roots' shows were a stampede! And let's not forget the current demand for the Maximum Cavalera package! While the fans have their desires, one dream we always had was completed this last tour! A visit to Bon Scott's grave!

The debut Beneath/Arise show was in Perth, the home of Bon Scott and early beginnings of ACDC. The first gig I ever did Perth was a riot, literally! The venue got destroyed completely during a Sepultura show and never reopened! The pit is much different these days, than it was in 1992, and most venues still exist after shows lol. On this trip, we were offered a visit to the cemetery after the show....a treat we accepted with haste! We pulled up to the darkened graveyard and found the gate unlocked. The walkway into the introduced us to its humble hometown boy.

I was surprised to see a simple bench with a plaque marking Bon's resting place. We were told there had been numerous headstones in the past but they were either stolen or ruined by years of dedicated fans. Now, one can sit above Bon and reflect on the Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

And for that final encore, you can even check out the Wikipedia page for your enjoyment! It is smack dab on the archway you pass under as you exit the cemetery!!

Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra all lay in the path of our storm and conquering them was without mercy! Driving to the gig in Brisbane, Max was saying how nice it would be to see a kangaroo and by God...he turned his head and one stood outside his window, just chilling in the dark! Australia, where dreams come true!

Class dismissed.....

Friday, March 8, 2019


Most fans have never been in a band bus, and chances are they never get to see inside one! Recently on the US tour, I thought it would be cool to show everyone what a tour bus looks like. We lease two buses that we swap according to availabilityy and travel on. Whichever we get doesn't matter, as they are brother and sister, I also feel!

The first area you walk into is the driver's area. Little cupboards full of cleaning supplies, tools, bus parts and the driver's secrets. Once I saw a driver take a screwdriver and remove a panel above his chair and pull out a concealed pistol. No one in the bus treads into the driver's territory. We do sit on the chair by the door but that's it. The rest is forbidden.

Passing through the sliding door, you enter our home on the road. Spacious couches, satellite tv and a table. This is where the peops chill, watch movies or play numerous game systems. It's pretty much the centerpiece of the bus. It grows into the kitchen area. In Europe, the buses have small fridges but in America we get to enjoy a full-size refrigerator with a freezer. I have rarely had a cookstove burner in a bus. Questionable! Microwave and a sink with warm water completes the first room. Of course all the nooks are filled with cupboards and drawers. On a Soulfly bus, it is always stuffed with food. I am the Walmart Queen of Bus Shopping and I make sure everyone has snacks, soups, fresh fruit and coffee.

The bathroom is in the hallway as you enter the sleeping area. 12 bunks with real mattresses rule! Bunks have a lot more inside them than a person sleeping! Under the bunks might be your bank; your secrets are safe under the mattress! Along the wall, at your feet and under your pillow are all great storage areas too! The only hazard area is the floor with its never-ending shoe pile. Everyone trips over the shoes as they walk through the hall at night! Second mystery is who the f#@% is turning the AC so low and freezing your hide off when you sleep???

The back room is called the Manager's Room. Most people don't know that and I heard it so long ago that it may now be a name reserved for bus owners to use as a reference. This is Max and my cave. He gets one side and I get the other. We fight over the closet space in the back, lol! By the end of the tour it's pretty well stuffed back there! I always have my bookwork in a case on the floor and I get the shelf area under the TV. It is really a cooler but we never use it.

And that’s our road home!! Keeps us safe, allows us privacy and much needed sleep at night. Only one problem... my bed at home doesn’t sway through the night!!!! Lol

Class dismissed.....

Friday, March 1, 2019

70,000 TONS OF METAL!!! Let's DO this!!! Part 4

Bright and early on the last day of the cruise, we all went to the Royal Theater for Max and Iggor to participate in the All Star Jam. Iggor drummed on Black Sabbath, Sweet Leaf and Judas Priest, Livin' After Midnight. Max sang Motorhead's Overkill and Anvil's Metal on Metal. Members from Raven, Sodom, Carnation and many others hit the stage together.

Immediately after the Jam, we all went to a press conference for Zyon, Iggor and Max. It was pretty cool, with an interesting assortment of questions. It's always nice when people ask things that are not the same, boring questions. I have heard them all! At the end, we noticed an old friend, Barney from Napalm Death. He hasn't seen Zyon in a long time. We all laughed remembering that I wanted to name Zyon "Genghis!" Shane spent a lot of time trying to convince me otherwise!

Soon after heading to our cabins, Return to Roots and Soulfly got an invite to get a private tour of the bridge...the control room and master kush area of the ship's Captain! He is a fan! It was amazing, with a beautiful view! What a privilege!

Next up for us was the final Return to Roots show. The stage was outdoors, the Pool Deck Stage, several waterfalls, jacuzzis and pools were lit up, sparkling under the stars on the smooth Caribbean. The Tribe went crazy, as expected and our mission was done. USA bound!

We docked early in the morning. The sun was coming up and the water was like a kaleidoscope of color. Through the border and onto our bus, sweet bus. Big thanks to Andy, Allison, Vincent, Christian, Raymie, and all who made this adventure the Metal Cruise it is!!

Class dismissed......