Friday, June 27, 2014


The year was 1998 or thereabouts...System of a Down was beginning their world takeover and Snot was luggy-ing up the countryside!! Soulfly had been born from the smoldering ashes of what was once Sepultura and they all came to meet in the hills of America, one fine summer day!

Who could ask for more? The crowd was filtering in early and anticipation was high, since all 3 acts were making a big splash in the Metal pool! We had the kids in tow and our tour was packing the Tribe in!! Everyone was anxious to see what had been created from the split!

System invited Max to sing with them on their early set time. Many artists will not come out before their set because they think it looks bad for their show. Max is not one of them. He plays with who he feels like, when he feels like. This particular day, he felt it!!
He rocked the socks off the crowd and Snot was up next. The brilliant frontman, Lynn Strait, did not let anyone down! I will always have a soft spot for Lynn, since he helped me deal with the negativity of the split. Soulfly played with Snot many tours and Lynn always went out of his way to give me love and encouragement. I miss him always. It is rare to find such compassion as he showed me!

Soulfly pounded the ground with their assault next and then moved on to the next city.... More conquests to come! My dear sure to go to all the shows you desire seeing, because life is unpredictable and you never know when your favorite artist will not make the next one....

Class dismissed...

Friday, June 20, 2014


     Morning Students!!  After the drama of the last couple classes, I have decided to give you all a break from the excitement of candid discussion and chill a bit on the suspense.  Let’s talk tattoos….

     It must have been 1992, I don’t think Zyon was born yet….  We were on tour in Europe with Sepultura and the agent gave us a week off in the middle because the tour was quite long.   Everyone scattered with the wind; some flew home, some stayed with the bus; Max and I chose to jump on an all-night train and head to Munich for a few days exploration.  Our lighting designer, Christian Rapp, lived in Munich and  promised us a good time.

Max and Christian

     We drank a bit too much on the train and spent the first day sleeping off the vodka and the tour cobwebs.  The next day was adventure day, and we cruised around Munich, exploring the city squares and even made the journey to Neushcwanstein Castle, in the mountains.  They say Disneyland Castle is modeled after it, and I must agree. Tall, slender towers, painted walls, giant decorative rooms…the castle was an artistic salad!  Always a link to sadness, though, isn’t there?  The man of the house had apparently gotten depressed and one day, he simply walked out into the lake and drowned himself….  Such a shame to never complete his creation…
Gary aka "The Butcher"

      The next day, quite early, Christian took us to a local tattoo artist for some new ink.  We didn’t quite expect to be there all day, but as the hours ticked away, we knew we were there for the full ride.  Max chose a Celtic design on his calf.  A couple hours later, it was in full view.  Me?  I was a bit more challenging and asked the artist, Gary, aka The Butcher, to create a design for my leg.  8 hours later, I ended up with a futuristic fish-hook on my inner left leg!  Who ever heard of an 8 needle outline??  “It must have a frame,” he kept insisting!

     The next morning when I woke up, my leg was so swollen that every time I stood up, the blood rushing through my leg set off a burning sensation that made me lay back down!  So much for any further exploration! It was winter out and now I could only wear shorts…  When we arrived back at the bus, and Andreas saw my tattoo, he said “20 years from now, we will understand that tattoo!”  Well, it has been 22 and I still don’t get it…..

Class dismissed……

Friday, June 13, 2014


January, 1993.....Zyon was about a week old when our friends, Faith No More swaggered into Phoenix's Club Rio for a show. This was an event we couldn't miss! We were solid friends and their new record was taking over the world like a virus..swiftly encompassing every crack on the face of the Earth. FNM infection was spreading and it eventually breezed through our front door!

me on the phone holding Zyon
I got on the phone and lined up passes. Now, what to do about Zyon? I couldn't leave him home without us.....he was so fresh! Max and I came up with the idea to call our trusted limo driver, George from Lebanon, and hire his car to be our home for the night! We could tuck Roxane in there to watch Z-MONEY and we could rock out!! The limo could park in the backstage area and all would be great! Roxanne was 10 years old and would be fine with George. Max's sister, Kira, loved FNM, so we swooped up a ticket and pass for her too and she could accompany Roxy, and also watch Z.
Me, Max, and Zyon in the limo

Roxanne and Kira in the limo
We cruised in all happy and excited to see the guys. Limo parked at the back and Max and me inside raging! After the show was over, we ripped it up a bit in the dressing room and Max was like "Let's go party at our house! I have plenty of booze!" After much convincing that we were ready to bash, Mike and Billie said they would cruise up.

We had given the guys our address, but they went to the wrong house. After all it was after 2:00am and dark out. They spooked the neighbor's, I guess, because someone called the police and said there were burglars in the yard!! Dana went outside and found Mike and Billie wandering down the street, of course no one knew the police were on their way!

I was in bed with Zyon, exhausted from going out so recently after giving birth. Dana was in charge as Max was rambling around still searching for nonexistent party favors. Mike, Billie and Dana were outside when the red lights blared around the corner, siren screeching. The cops went up to the guys and started questioning them. Dana was adamant that they were rockers looking for fun and not cat burglars, about to pile drive a neighborhood. "Oh yeah, sing something.." one of the officers said to Mike. This left Mike a bit surprised as you can see by his expression.
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Mike with police officer

Billie, Mike, and Dana with police officer
Max, in his delirium, managed to snap some photos, as Dana told him to grab the camera and Kodak the moment. He couldn't find alcohol, but thankfully he found the camera and was able to save this moment for all, my Students!

After much discussion, the police believed them and drove off in search of real crime! Mike and Billie called a cab and headed to their hotel, all dreams of a party quite squashed... Me?? I woke up the next morning and laughed my ass off after hearing the story! Max had a hangover and Dana had a big smile!!! And Z??? He was just growing...

Class dismissed....

Friday, June 6, 2014


As I promised once, I will let you all hear the early tape Max made when he was writing at the kitchen table when I was pregnant with Igor. Enjoy and have a good discussion, my Students! I am sure there will be many comments around the classroom..
After Max wrote a big portion of the album, Roadrunner owner and CEO, Cees Wessel flew Max and myself to Amsterdam for a meeting with the marketing team. Max laid out his idea...the title, artwork and concept along with the music on his machine. We all had a laugh when the label suggested the title may be confusing to the fans and they will think it an R&B release!

Since we were in Europe and the band still in Brazil, Max and I took a train to Vienna and then on to Salzburg, Austria, for a breather. I was quite pregnant at the time.
Me and Max in our hotel in Salzburg in the Alps.
When the band finished their months long break and came to Phoenix to jam, Max had his idea fully planted. Have fun with this class, Students......the truth be told...
Sepultura Live 1996

Class dismissed......