Friday, October 18, 2019

GROWING UP GREEN!! Wake up!! Wake up!! Pack your bags, Students! Let’s go to Kazakhstan!

In 2014, Soulfly flew to Russia for a tour with Korn. Before that tour started, we had two shows in Kazakhstan. We were super excited because we had never been there before. One of the highlights was staying at a ski lodge that was only opened for us!!!

It was a bit of The Shining at night but we managed to make it through to morning! Good food and even a gondola ride down the mountain! Our hosts said they were hoping to have a few of the Winter Olympic Games at that location. There was a lake tucked up near the lodge that had formed an actual hurricane and tore up the mountainside. I had never heard of a hurricane on a mountain lake but hey...

The band played in Karaganda and in Almaty. It’s always genuine to play somewhere for the first time. The fans go crazy and the band is always full of anticipation. And Lenin....well he just sat there all stoney faced!!

Class dismissed.....