Friday, April 27, 2018


In 1987, I started with Roadrunner Records in Europe. Sacred Reich, who I managed since Jason Rainey formed the band in my club, was signed to Metal Blade worldwide but licensed to Roadracer in Europe. Back in the day, when I was finding my way through the Metal Thicket, Roadrunner was called Roadracer Records. In no time at all, I signed another band I had found in Tucson, called Atrophy (Socialized Hate, Violent By Nature). Solid at Roadrunner, Atrophy was the Roadrunner number one selling band, at the time. Enter Monte Conner...

Monte came in replacing Holly Lane, the previous A&R person. We struck it off on the right level and in no time, Monte was asking me to manage certain was Sepultura. I promptly refused since I didn’t personally know them. I was never a manager sitting at a desk in some forlorn office. I worked with bands that were in my presence. For Gods sake, they were in Brazil! Next RR ploy was Cees calling me to work there and manage all the bands that had no manager. Nope, I couldn’t manage bands just for the sake of moola; I needed the comfort of chemistry.

Low and behold, in 1989, I arrive at the Ritz on a chilly NYC Halloween night with my Sacred Reichers in tow. Several managers are there, as RR had turned the Sepultura set into a manager showcase. You know how many managers approached them after their set? One. Me. No one wanted the band. I could feel something behind their accents, behind their monstrous flowing hair. I would take them and I would work for free for one year and refuse to sign a management contract until I knew we could get along. You all know the can each chose to believe the fake stories or the real makes no difference to me. 🤪

And through those years, Monte was always there, with his “Hi Glo, Hi General, Let’s master this record for a month, or his famous NO.” Heck we laughed a lot, passionately argued and even lied a little to get our way with each other but two things never swayed. Friendship and Loyalty. We walked through the best of times together and picked up our lead boots during the worst. We saw marriages and babies grow. And I admit, he drive me crazy a couple times when he mastered at Sterling Sound lol!! The funniest thing he ever suggested was doing a meet and greet with Zyon when he was 4 months old! The worst was when he suggested I toured Sep too long during Arise. I was starting the Long Road but it wasn’t clear to anyone else at the time lol

Monte has been a partner with Max throughout his signed career. He has taken that job seriously and tirelessly. His intentions are always peak and meticulous. The knowledge in that brain of his must be overwhelming and his ears are some of the best in the recording business!

Now as I work my upteenth record with Monte, I can reflect on more than one generation worth of time together and the future still sprawls far off in the distance. Monte, remember when you said you would never release two Max records in one year but I squeaked in 3? Haha good times. Taking names and kicking ass!

Class dismissed...

Friday, April 20, 2018


In May of 2016, Soulfly took Suffocation, Battlecross and Lody Kong on a North American run. It was a Metalhead's dream package! As a manager, I enjoyed the professionalism of all the bands!!

Max was super happy because the bands all jammed Ace of Spades at the end of the night. Sometimes, Terrance would play Max's guitar and Max could go full force on stage! To be able to hear classic rippers every night is a big perk of traveling on the road.

I will say, everyone certainly devoted time puffing the magic dragon, and some pretty strong friendships are cultivated that way!!! I'm sure you know who I am talking about.....

Class dismissed.........

Friday, April 13, 2018


Igor was my 7th child; my 5th son, also known as Cgor and sometimes Puerto Rico. He inherited my love of books, writing, deep thinking and Max's art. That isn't just one's playing guitar, bass, drums and writing edgy lyrics all rolled up in one. When he was born, Dana said he would be the doctor and Zyon was worried he was getting the green hair that Z was gyped out of!

Igor never wanted to go to school. He was full speed ahead, let's hit the road Jack! At the age of 16 he had enough. Max took him to the principle, said we were moving to Portugal (!) and that was it! Igor came home and promptly started writing a book. Ok. Let's give it a try! If touring was his fascination, he had plenty of opportunity. So, we made our way to Buenos Aires.....

I was the first person in our family to meet Aggy. This tiny, vivacious spitfire caught my eye immediately. Bubbly, exotic and interesting to talk to, Aggy stood put in the crowd. I knew immediately that when Igor would meet her, he would be attracted to her...and he was. He joined me shortly after I met her and struck up a conversation. Anyone whose aka is Aggy Fleshgrinder surely would send rockets his way!

Shove Time forward 6 years and here we are, packing for a bash!! It will be a rare time that most of our family will be together. Aggy's Dad and Mom have flown in with their family and Vania is on her way as I type. I may as well let the cat outa the bag....I ordained Max as a minister this morning and you can all guess who will be joining these Metal Ravens.... Yeah, you read that right! Now, let's hit the road!!! Live Life Large!!

Class dismissed......

Friday, April 6, 2018


In 2004, Max and I decided to get a family bus on the US tour. It was a run right before school started and the kids were hyped to go. We decided to take our newly pregnant Silkie Terrier, Sofia, and her rambunctious boyfriend, Spanky, with us. Moses and Christina were also with us. One big family...... We had taken Sofy to the vet and he assured us there was no way she would give birth before we got home.

The first gig was Las Vegas, only a short run from Phoenix. Early in the morning, I was awaken by Sofy squealing nervously next to me. I turned my head to the left and next to my ear was a tiny, black, 4 inch long, shiny furball! It took me a second to register...I let out a call to Roxanne, in the bunk right past our room. Like a bolt of lightening, she unzipped a bag and out popped a huge leopard designed St Bernard bed! WTF? I guess she scored an A on disaster planning!

Two more furballs made their entrance, and we were springing into action. We could see Sofia was trying to keep Spanky away, so we hooked her up with a private area in a lower bunk, and confined Spanky to the front room. I admit he gnawed at a few visitors and barked like he was a watchdog! It took quite a bit of action to get through this first few days, until we got a routine down. When the dogs got a bit bigger, we got a plastic tub and kept them in the front lounge. Spanky was hiding and lurking around because Sofia was keeping her eye on him as much as she was watching her babies.

These were the early days of Chunk, Rick James and Ciquita, sharing their newfound existence with Marc Rizzo joining Soulfly. He was still ninja kicking with his backpack full of mojo! I admit, I snuck it on once, and rocked some air guitar in the bus! Right after the fire eater spewed his gas fueled flames in the air on stage! Tour life!

Class dismissed....