Friday, December 21, 2018


We arrived in Mexico City the day before the show. It's a long drive through rivers of stopped traffic, to get to the hotel from the airport. The last week was many flights and shows nonstop. We knew what to expect in Mexico...sheer insanity from the crowd. Since we did the first Return to Roots show, to these last dates in Mexico, the tour was a giant snowball. It was building momentum and gaining size every new city. By the time we landed in Mexico, the large Circa Voador was sold out!

Monterrey was the next and final stop. Often referred to as The Beverly Hills of Mexico, the city is absolutely amazing! People are kind and take the time to visit with you. The city is clean and calm. Even the lower income ares are colorful and neatly organized!

The show was another pile driver. I swear each day was a louder singalong than the day before!! It was a delight just to see the expressions on the faces of the fans as each song was belted out!

We left for home early in the morning. The long goodbyes and smiles of homesickness-about -to-be-cured faces, fills the minutes on the way to the airport. The sun arises and we say our goodbyes. Big thanks to all the fans who came to see the shows, to the promoters who took care of us and to our crew for always taking the bullets! See you in 2019!

Class dismissed.....