Friday, December 14, 2018


Bogota, Colombia is a beautiful city, situated in the mountains. it is colorful and plentiful! Good restaurants, free and professional medical care and streets bustling with action! The concert was packed! The crowd swarmed in for the band and sang their loudest! One fan approached me and thanked me for making the tour. He hugged me and I felt his tears hit my ear. Did I say emotional people? They have a deep compassion, south of the border! It infects you.

Next stop was Guatemala. I really enjoy visiting this country too! The first thing I think of is color!! Everywhere! It is an artistic environment! The food, the city, the culture's all beaming with color! The local food is delicious, and the people are kind. The show was frantic! There is no taming our Tribe!! They are loyal, generous and inquisitive!

We boarded a bus to make the 6 hour drive to El Salvador. We had never done that before. It was interesting though and I realized one thing about Central America...the countries all twine into the next. They ate squished full of jungles, mountains, great food and color. Color everywhere, especially visible in the local art. The border was a piece of cake. While the band was in the immigration office, we were entertained outside by one of the locals. A leathery old man, barefoot and polite. He was selling ancient pieces of candy on the porch. He asked for my St. John the Baptist necklace, but it is quite sentimental and I couldn't part with it. He did pull his little prayerbook out of his pocket and wink at me, though.

The show was a monster, like all the others! Never a dull second! The crowd rocked yet were well behaved at the same time. Next destination, Mexico and we knew what to expect!! Pure insanity!!

Class dismissed...