Friday, March 9, 2018


Last year, Max started painting Zyon's used drumheads in the back lounge of the bus. I am not sure if you all know, but Max is a talented artist in many ways, at painting,as well as riffing, and lyrically. He is a rarity in music with a slew of reputable bands under his wing...the originator and writer of the original Sepultura, Nailbomb, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy and Killer Be Killed. Not many artists with such a roster!!! A couple years ago when he started painting his jackets, I asked him to paint baby onesies. They flew out of the merch booth as fast as he could paint them. Next he graduated to the very limited line of Buffalo leather vests. If you were lucky enough to grab one of those, many have been framed by now and occasionally someone wears them to the show and gets Max's attention.

Last year in the back lounge of the bus, Max started painting Zyon's used drumheads. I am not sure if the Tribe knows, but besides being a talented riff creator, and a lyrical genius, Max is a fantastic illustrator!! He is a rarity as an artist, and if I asked him for a riff right now, I would have one before my rusty fingers finish this blog! I mean, just look his roster....the originator and writer for the Sepultura era in the '80's and '90's, one half of the politically charged Nailbomb, the creator and writer of Soulfly, writer of all the Cavalera Conspiracy riffs and lyrics and let's not forget Killer Be Killed!! No artist has a lineup like Max's! I'm not bragging, just stating facts..But back to the painting!

A couple of years ago, he began painting his jackets and shirts. This morfed into baby onesies. So many people asked for baby clothes, I bought a bunch of onesies and stuck them under his nose and they basically flew out of Max's painting fingers, into Metal parent's hands! Next was the Buffalo leather vests....They were so hot we couldn't keep them in stock! And now we approach the drumhead stage in Max's artistic life!! These are super exciting for him because he is painting on a drum skin that his son played his heart out on!! It's a connection that only a parent or fan can feel! If you want to get one of these one of a kind heads, you may be lucky to find one at the merch booth on our tour......bashed by Zyon and slathered by Max!!

Class dismissed.....