Friday, March 16, 2018


Several years ago I did my first show at the Navajo Nation, in Tuba City, Arizona at the Warrior Pavilion. It was during the Navajo Fair. I recall in those days the advertising was spray painted on a sheet and hung on a fence on the side of the road! The town was small, with no fast food restaurants and tiny motels. It’s come a long way.

Since then, I have returned many times. I even met the Navajo Codetalkers at a show! Max has appeared at the Toys For Tots event at the high school, sang with a Navajo band at the Rock the Canyon weekend, done a meet and greet with our son, Igor, to raise money for medical bills of a local family and we were even blessed with a Navajo blessing!! That night Igor sang Roots with his Pops,a super memorable evening!

We have made it a point to take our grandkids to the Nation. I am a firm believer in knowing the world’s history and America’s is a complicated past. It’s easy to weave fun with education and I am always trying to leave the young minds full of information. Good Life Decisions blend hand in hand with knowledge and experience, so I try to provide as much interaction as I can and still keep things fun!

We call the Navajo Vice President Johnathan Nez a friend. He has made it a point to reach out and often pays a visit to us when we are in Tuba City. I have a hope to work with him in the next couple years on a project that as yet is still a dream in planning. When Max recently recorded percussion with some locals, the VP stopped by. You guessed it!! There will be some Navajo surprises on the upcoming Soulfly 11!!

If you get the chance to travel to the Grand Canyon or Monument Valley, don’t forget Tuba City! Fry bread, local souvenirs and T Rex tracks await you!!!!

Class dismissed......