Friday, March 10, 2017


Nailbomb is a cult....a record that became timeless. It isn't disco, or '60's rock, or classical. Like Dana, it never grew old. It hits you smack in the face with brutal riffs and even harder lyrics! Nailbomb was a joke that transcended time. POINT BLANK is still my favorite album of all!! Songs like Sum of Your Achievements and Sick Life make you want to punch a wall. There will never be another record like it. And one day, there will never be another unseen photo, but the music will steadily walk into the ages.

Dana recorded the progress of Nailbomb...the writing, the recording and finally, the live shows. He even happened to be walking through the hallway of our home when I approached Max and Alex with my idea to make a band from the music they were killing time making. One day, somewhere in time, a DVD will come out and capture the real story. The tapes are still neatly tucked in my archives, waiting for the hands that will guide it into Metal history.

I came across the last photos, taken by Dana one afternoon, after the recording had wrapped. Nailbomb was always about extremes and gun shops seemed pretty extreme to 2 young men born outside the US. Alex would trip on the signs and stores selling guns in Phoenix. It seemed like a good spot to shoot some images.

Coming home, Max went in the backyard and spray painted 1000% HATE on our fence. Dana shot some cool photos there, too. People would turn a crooked eye in our backyard after that, wondering what the hell it stood for! One day, when Max and I were away on tour, a thunderstorm tore the fence down and the builders replacing it, tossed the fence away. Long gone, but still preserved here.

There were only a couple shows for Nailbomb, one being the Dynamo Festival, with its 120,000 ragers! You may get the chance soon to hear these songs live...they may be modern-ed up a bit, but I can assure you, they won't be compromised! Alex is a successful producer now, and we all know what Max has been up to! Sometimes paths change, but art is forever!!

Class dismissed......